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  1. Beautiful boat. I did not appreciate this era of boat until I got one and realized just how nicely they sail in flat water. Does anyone have experience with adding longer booms on IOR era boats? Mains are often very high aspect and short footed with J dimension very large. I have a C&C 36 from 1979 that I really enjoy and that balances beautifully. Have toyed with the idea of adding 2 feet to its 12 foot long boom. Main is trimmed from the cabin top though. 150% jib is 24 feet long at the foot by the way and works great.
  2. congratulations on the Pogo 50! What a great boat. It seems to combine the best of light weight boat performance with increased sail carrying power, storage and livability. The shallow draft potential for cruising is another draw. Re the thread on toe-in for the rudders, I'm sure Pogo knows exactly what to do. I would be curious to learn what they recommend. Based on my experience, you would want a slight toe-in so that the windward rudder's wake is minimized at typical angles of leeway. Otherwise the windward rudder will be reducing righting moment with its high angle of heel
  3. That is the ASG3? Well built boat that has beams far back for heavy winds. Several sailing here and doing well but most or all have had their main beam and perhaps boards moved forward to a more traditional location. Several upgraded their C boards as well. Do you know Gordon, Struan, or others in the class in the UK? They would be a great source of info.
  4. you can contact Forespar support and they can advise you as well.
  5. A Class catamarans for example are commonly nomex.
  6. Thank you. good point. I have a video of a walk up the sail but let's try this first. For some reason on SA, my photos load rotated 90 degrees.
  7. I have an older sail that needs some repair to keep it going for a season or two of mostly light air / flat water sailing. The leech of this kevlar / aramid sail has UV damage as it looks to have been left on a roller furler with a Dacron leech sun cover that was not sufficient, but has not come apart and is supported by the Dacron to some degree. The rest of the sail is good. Wondering about using Hexayurt filament tape which can be bought in 6" or 12" wide rolls of 60 yds. Creative solution or no go? Other ideas?
  8. Foiling brings a different level of loads, so some find that repurposing older gear works for a bit sub-optimally and then breaks. The speeds are higher and the decelerations greater. Traditional platform stiffness, something that wasn't that big a deal for the nicely made Supercats in 2 dimensional sailing, won't work as well when the windward rudder is now set to apply righting moment and the boat pitchpoles or even just ventilates and falls off the foils at speeds higher than it ever encountered in the past. Relatively tall bows with V'd underwater sections will cause drag and increase s
  9. Given that you already have a DNA, I think you probably have a good appreciation for the technical quality required for foiling. It is not something that can generally be done well by a home builder. After going through quite a few generations of foiling boats in the A-Class myself, I have seen first hand how much development and iteration is required to make something foil well and quickly. I recommend off the shelf tech as much as possible and ideally things that are well refined like your F1X which came about after seven years or so of fairly constant foiling development. Or work w
  10. I have been playing with igetwind and looking at HRRR. I believe that mode runs most frequently and on the smallest scale but still not perfect.
  11. @Mozzy Sailsdid an interview where Team USA member Paul Cambell-James shared they did not see the port approach boat. There are blind spots on the F50s and perhaps these need to be addressed better by technology or teamwork or both.
  12. On my first 505, I tried blocks instead of a ram. The power loss was substantial as you watch the mast flex where the ram would be and above. Very much recommend a ram however primitive. Also rig the higher spin hoist if it isn't already like that for the 90s / 2000s plus era kites as performance really improves.
  13. Re the collision with USA and Japan, it looked like Jimmy did not avoid and held his course. I wonder if he did not see them?
  14. @Editor. LOVE the retro boat videos. Hope there are many more in the future.
  15. sorry it loaded sideways but here is a pic from first time out with the new jib @climenuts
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