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  1. Great life indeed. Would like to learn more about the sailboats he built and modified. Any pictures or more info available?
  2. @Stingray, you might be someone who could find where Oracle Racing studied the various courses and arrived at the reaching start to a downwind run specifically to make passing more likely and address the issue this Cup and thread has emphasized. I recall how much they talked about the choice of courses and boats to make the events attractive to the public. Am I right in recalling that this was the purpose of the revised format used in the two prior cups? I feel like Russell may be chuckling. There may be other ways as mentioned above to improve the event, but my sense is by forgettin
  3. I learned from this thread that the rules are not what we all sail to a larger degree than typical match racing. For instance, most of us on starboard might bear off a bit and accelerate upwind in a port / starboard situation to make sure the port boat plans for the cross and tacks away or ducks. This AC is different in that any course change has to give room to avoid to the degree that many situations that the average sailor would view as an infraction are no longer ones. This is a way to facilitate safety in high speed sailing but something quite different from what we are used to.
  4. The AC75 system is resulting in some very different races from the AC50. When sailing upwind, how many dial downs did we see in Bermuda where starboard bore off to make port duck heavily? Probably too many to count, including the challenger series. How many lead changes during a single race? Nine if I recall correctly? How many protests and penalties? I don't remember but quite a few. The prior course though was designed to facilitate lead changes and appeal to spectating. Richard Gladwell reports here: "Fourteen races have now been sailed on Course A and Course E, and there has no
  5. DoG boat with any power assist requires mutual consent, no? Not sure that would be given unless both wanted to have battery powered systems.
  6. Re the double skin main, Slingsby recently said in an interview it was too expensive for the marginal performance increase. Perhaps the rotating wing mast and single skin is where the cost / benefit ratio is better.
  7. Great comments. Any idea how the 75s compare in cost to the AC 50s and AC 72s in terms of cost and setup times? Does each iteration end up costing more than previous, no matter the boat? What has been the most expensive Cup to date?
  8. Thanks @tumbleweed314. I have a traditional Webasto unit and am intrigued by the possibilities of a system like that. Even running a system like that at low power could potentially dehumidify the boat, but you have a very large enclosed area in that boat. I wonder how many square feet of usable interior space.
  9. Great looking boat, Tumbleweed. You mentioned A/C on the prior page while on passages. Did you get a Frigomar system or other variable system that can run on DC? Curious for your thoughts in this area.
  10. I had not seen this picture before. Great to see. how does the boom interact with the traveler track? Is it fixed? I am assuming some compression loads are transferred forwards with and the boom also provides support for the hydraulics. Any other insight? sorry if I missed a prior discussion.
  11. Any chance the inner wheel controls rudder lift / downforce or traveler as overrides? Either could be useful by Giles to keep the boat level when in extreme up or down movements like pre-start scenarios. For example, Ben bear’s away in an extreme way to go for a hook and Giles reduces rudder lift in the extreme to keep the boat level as less rudder lift is needed as the apparent moves back. I could see the same kind of argument for traveler intervention during big movements to keep the boat level. A few controls seem like they could be useful to have a on dial like that.
  12. how long has it been in the water? Hopefully it is being used.
  13. What is so cool about Dorox's work is that you can see AM had much less breeze than IN in more cases than not. Can also see that VMG/TWS ratio favored both USA and ITA over IN. Shows how important sailing in the pressure was yesterday.
  14. really good info. I like the TWS charts to see the difference in wind across the course for the competitors. It's substantial. Do you think TWS is accurate?
  15. the lack of a traveler track is an indicator, and this is more definitive: https://www.sail-world.com/news/222806/Americas-Cup--Bertelli-still-critical-of-AC75 "Peculiarities of Luna Rossa? "We are the only ones with the mainsail boom inside the boat.""
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