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  1. Thanks - I sit corrected. But they do rather resemble each other, don't they?
  2. How about if you just admit that you were mistaken?? It happens to all of us.
  3. It was offered until 1998 . . . do a smidgen of homework before you spout off. In April 1998, the Revised Education and Political Science exams were discontinued. In April 2000, the History and Sociology exams were discontinued; with Economics, Engineering, Music, and Geology being discontinued in April 2001.
  4. An important correlate of Covid Vax refusal is viewership of FAUX "News". They are flat-out murderers. https://www.salon.com/2021/03/16/trump-cant-save-vaccine-hesitant-republicans-fox-news-has-turned-the-gop-into-a-death-cult/ And the FAUX facilities BTW take all the sciency recommended precautions . . but they don't tell their viewers that.
  5. My score in my specialty area was even higher than the Quant and Verbal scores. And Ah HA !! So you DO remember your scores !!
  6. Wait a minute . . Didn't the WBird promise to absent his miserable self from PA for a year if the Drumph lost ?? but actually, he's more than likely an adherent of the Big Lie
  7. Very soon the Reich will be along to attack the character of the victim.
  8. In the land down under, are y'all edumacated in the arts of obnoxiousness? (Our Club has welcomed many Ozzies and Kiwis and a Coutts or two, including on my own boat. How silly of us.)
  9. Thank you for your correct and proper use of the English language . . although some of us capitalize the "R" in Reich . . I have no idea why.
  10. Well, you might think about reading a book or two - at least. The USG has screwed over black Americans for centuries, but with the Civil Rights Acts and other measures, blacks finally got access to opportunities in the military, business, science, law, and sports that they had been long denied by your Elk. It was the left that did some of that, along with many black agitators and militants. And we are glad we did.
  11. so you were just fine with Jim Crow terror and slavery ?? and you think darker skinned USAeans should pine for those good old days?? OK so let me drag out that term that I only use with the utmost judiciousness A total fine upstanding Reichista you are
  12. Oh no, the dreaded "Self Cite"!! (Feeble Humor Attempt Alert)
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