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  1. For sure - I betcha our local R-eich (pssst, not too loud now, but they are actually fascists) are totally OK with that.
  2. Wait !! I thought I was that peep !! Just ask @Fah Kiew Tu
  3. Meanwhile. back in the real world . . . ya gotta love Big Al Franken. I'm not as funny as Al, but I'm seriously more funny than @Fah Kiew Tu
  4. Ya know, that is complete horse-pucky. The use of "R-eich" was approved by 80% on a PA poll, but the snowflakes still cannot accept it and cannot stop whining. Meanwhile the ED is just fine with the R-eishista stalker trolls interminable and boring F-bombs and C-bombs. What crapola. I really challenge the Ed on this . . gonna report myself
  5. Vlad Jr. is awesome !! BTW he and his dad were named after Lenin. A while back in the Caribbean there was a lot of sympathy for the Russian revolution because of its anti-colonial cred.
  6. Cuba does have elections, flawed ones to be sure. But whom is the US to criticize ?? With rare exceptions, you cannot run here unless our corporate overlords find you acceptable and amenable to their interests. And the GOPPER R-eich is intent on delegitimizing any elections that they do not win. It's amazing that the US Blob still thinks it has the right to tell other nations how to be democratic. That is a good point - they will likely have to get permission from Treasury to make the trip. Too risky otherwise.
  7. @Blue Crab wrote . . "Many folks think AFDC encourages having more children on top of the ones you can't afford now..." AFDC has not existed for decades. People might pay a smidgen more attention to ya if you knew diddley about the subject.
  8. More information on that event . . . very sad indeed https://www.latitude38.com/lectronic/pnw-race-week-statement-about-sailors-death/
  9. See my edit - not trying to be a suck-up in the slightest.
  10. First, thanks to Roundthebuoys who knows way more about this than I do, BUT pretty sure the bill is gonna be a big disappointment for those of use who chafe under the rule of our corporate overlords . . The Dems caved on additional funds for the IRS which means that the oligarchy will be able to continue to steal a trillion per year by tax cheating. That would have easily paid the freight for the rest of the Bill. (To be fair, the GOPPER R-eich insisted on that change. They are dead set against efforts to rein in tax cheating by the wealthy.) BTW, some of y'all we
  11. fify . . . actually I do feel sorry for her. She was vulnerable and not overly centered. She would be alive today were it not for the lying R-eich Wing media.
  12. Seems like you think anyone who opens a book is "pompous, arrogant" . . And I can understand why you think that.
  13. If a source is thoroughly debunked, I stop paying attention to it ENTIRELY. Why do you rely on demonstrably fake and phony sources ?? As I wrote above, you are an easy mark for them. But thanks for being almost civil.
  14. A bit more info on nautical protests . . (sorry if this is too much thread drift - now back to discussing Cuba !!) Probably the maritime protesters who faced the most danger were the Gaza Freedom Flotilla sailors in 2010. A VFP stalwart was on the voyage and came face to face with murderous Israeli commandos. She lost whatever respect or sympathy for Israel that she might have previously had . . Undeterred, she still protests constantly. The Gaza flotilla raid was a military operation by Israel against six civilian ships of the "Gaza Freedom Flotilla" on 31 May 2010 in inte
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