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  1. For y'all, those roles must include "standing by" as the authoritarians smash the republic. Don't you get that they were 100% serious ??
  2. Well, of course decision makers, even if they are rational, never have perfect information. On several occasions country's leaders were nearly certain that nuke missiles were on the way . . and the chose Option B anyway. I rejoice that you were not one of them. You don't know as much as you think you do . . . not close On 26 September 1983, the nuclear early-warning radar of the Soviet Union reported the launch of one intercontinental ballistic missile with four more missiles behind it, from bases in the United States. These missile attack warnings were suspect
  3. You need to disclose your involvement, or lose your credibility. People will do just about anything for money, and then rationalize it.
  4. And you still have not answered my query on whether you personally have cashed in on nuclear annihilation.
  5. Sometimes Israeli security forces use the term "mowing the grass" to refer to their periodic indiscriminate killing of Palestinians. Not a lot of shame there
  6. I do not like Putin very much, but the US does have a role in the current UK crisis . . and that aggressive move by the US into Central and Eastern Europe falls mostly on the Clinton admin. Here is Prof David Gibbs of the U. of Arizona "Recent tensions over the Ukraine are raising the possibility of a full return to the Cold War between the two powers, the United States and Russia. What is often overlooked in this emerging crisis is that it began with a U.S. provocation against Russia. In 1990, the U.S. government promised that NATO would never be expanded into former communi
  7. Some people in the military apparently have not figured out that they are part of the socialist sector of society. Instead they seem to have contempt for the oaths that they took. They are part of our burgeoning comprador class.
  8. Why is AA wrong if it contributes to a more diverse society ??
  9. And the worst part is that you prolly used the kids as weapons against your former spouse. Boy I hate it when that happens
  10. And what about your precious bodily fluids ?? Nut job.
  11. Why should I deny that ?? It is true, and raised frequently frequently by critics of deterrence. You think deterrence will work better if all those with their fingers on the buttons are bat-shit crazy ?????
  12. Lesson number umpteen in how gunz do NOT keep you safe . . The Bureau of Justice (BJS) estimated in 2012 that about 172,000 firearms are stolen during burglaries each year, and for good reason: guns stolen in robberies cost the owners an average loss of $450, according to BJS, and can be resold in no time And . . NBC The Department of Justice says more than 232,000 guns are stolen on average every year in the United States. Most are never recovered, and many end up being used in crimes. The Walnut Avenue incident is not the first Redlands weapon theft of lat
  13. Brave people walk the world with open hands . . gunz are the tools of the fearful and those with sexual ID issues - generally both. Same with nuclear weapons BTW
  14. Otherwise not good at all. Your elk has turned our country into a shooting gallery with live targets. Own it.
  15. Grammar faux pas. Don't let the other librarians see that. But you are spot on with the other stuff. And yeah, it's always a hoot when people try to explain a variable (gun violence), with a constant (humanity/human nature)
  16. No, the solution is for you right wingers to start owning up to your colossal hypocrisy . . getting all outraged over ethnic diversity while ignoring your white privilege in college admits Folks, note above that the people who claim that uni diversity is just so awful and unfair cannot even bring themselves to say that legacy admits are wrong.
  17. The weasel started a thread just to troll me. It backfired on him.
  18. Go back to school. It was precisely and exactly about nuclear weapons. It is pretty obvious that you don't know much about these issues.
  19. The "trick" is your refusal to take personal responsibility for what you write. PM me with your name and address . . so we can be on an equal footing. Why in god's name would I submit to an interrogation by anonymous you ? I have lots of questions for you as well . . for example, Do you now or have you in the past made money from the war machine ?? If so, how much ?? What was your job(s) ?? I thought you had me on ignore . . . I was quite comfortable with that.
  20. the only state defense forces we need right now should be taking into custody . . the anti-constitutional golpista Riech Wingers.
  21. It was pure luck that catastrophe was averted. Here is what Robert McNamara had to say about that experience . . . “The indefinite combination of human fallibility and nuclear weapons will lead to the destruction of nations.” The US Joint Chiefs lobbied JFK hard for preemptive nuclear war - they wanted it badly. You can find no other single event in the nuclear era that is a better argument against your position.
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