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  1. 4 minutes ago, Ncik said:

    How would doubling down on voting right

    Actual gummints that give a fig about popular participation . . 

    work hard to make it easy to register to vote. 

    Why is that so darn hard ?????????

    Generally speaking, Canada has a system of universal voter registration.  The Canadian government has largely taken on the onus of registering its citizens to vote as a means of protecting their constitutional right.  It does so by capturing the information needed to register voters when citizens interact with various branches and agencies of the Canadian government. Although no system is perfect and invariably someone will slip between the cracks, , , ,

  2. 11 hours ago, Sol Rosenberg said:

    Make it clear that if Russia crosses the border into Ukraine, their oligarchs lose all of their assets which we can reach.

    Why does not the world community seize the assets of the US Blobistas who invaded Iraq ?? 

    Oh right, exceptionalistas 

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  3. 18 hours ago, kent_island_sailor said:

    I hope you mean hyperpowers in the plural sense. Any two-bit jungle squabble got shitloads of cash and weapons dumped on it from the USA and USSR if said jungle fighters were smart enough to divide up into commies and fascists/democrats/counter-revolutionaries/whatever. Once the cold war ended and Nicaragua had to pay for their own war they suddenly realized they didn't actually need to have a war after all :rolleyes:

    That is a thoroughly dishonest post - blaming the victims of genocidal war (certainly in Guatemala). 

    You likely also blame those nuns in CA (in El Sal., Guat, & Nica) for being tortured and raped by your hard working dedicated mercenaries. 

    They musta been asking for it, right ?? 

    How casual you are in dismissing the value of innocent lives. 

    Vets For Peace has a MUCH better idea. 

    (In fact, it was veteran outrage over US terror in Central America during the 1980's that led to the formation of Vets For Peace) 

  4. 4 hours ago, Bugsy said:

    Prof Oliver's graph (above) neatly encapsulates the problem.  

    Right, that is one of my favorite graphs - used to use it in my US politics classes. 

    My sailing buddies would get a chuckle out of me being called "Prof". 

    Just don't cal me late for dinner.  

    Another eye-opening graph is "What if the minimum wage had kept up with increases in productivity?"

  5. This report is also from Ohio - Erie county, on the shores of Lake Eire 

    Some indication of peaking

    Numbers released Wednesday by the Erie County Health Department showed 1,341 new cases, down from 1,436 cases reported last week.

    Firelands reported Wednesday it had 37 patients hospitalized because of COVID-19, including 21 who were unvaccinated. The hospital reported 12 patients in critical care due to COVID-19, including nine who are unvaccinated. It said it had six patients on ventilators, five of them unvaccinated.

  6. 15 minutes ago, kent_island_sailor said:

    Once the cold war ended and Nicaragua had to pay for their own war they suddenly realized they didn't actually need to have a war after all :rolleyes:

    You have that completely wrong.  The US was the terrorist aggressor in that case, against a democratically elected government, just like they were in Guatemala and elsewhere. 

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  7. 1 hour ago, The Joker said:

    There is no Jim Crow party that’s just more race baiting  that is falling on deaf ears.  

    The racists always deny it. Their beyond stupid charge of "race baiting" is just a dodge so they don't have to deal with empirical reality. 

    Voter suppression is as empirically verifiable as the law of gravity. 

  8. 4 hours ago, kent_island_sailor said:

    Well sure, we were all willing to fight to the last Nicaraguan :rolleyes:

    Right, and those teeming masses of Central Americans heading north as refugees are partly Blowback from the Hyperpower's trashing of their societies. 

    Just like Al Qaeda and the Taliban were partly Blowback from US covert action in Afghanistan. 

    As to Ukraine, what could possibly go wrong ?? 

    Seriously folks, Vets For Peace has a better idea.  

  9. 2 hours ago, Mrleft8 said:

    the Obama admin wanted certain states to remain under watch, and the SCOTUS said no.

    . . .and the rest of the story is that within days of that SCOTUS decision, a bunch of southern states rushed to immediately reinstate James Crow voting restrictions (not all restrictions, but some). 

    And that is why, among other reasons, I call them the Riech. 


  10. 2 hours ago, kent_island_sailor said:

    the cold war. He thought it was the best deal ever, the USSR and USA military got all the budget and prestige of war heroes while not actually having to fight.

    But it was damn bloody for small countries caught in the middle such as the Vietnamese, Indonesians, Guatemaltecas, Angolans, Chileans, Salvadorans, and so many others caught in the middle. 

  11. 8 hours ago, random. said:

    So how do you think Putin would go setting up bases in Mexico?

    Before you break your arm whilst patting yourself on the back with such vigor, 

    you might note that lots of US leftie analysts have made that observation for years. 

    But it is nonetheless a good point to raise. 

  12. 1 hour ago, Olsonist said:

    Except they didn't.

    How about a bet of $100 to a favorite charity on that question ?? 

    To be adjudicated by a poll of the PA readers - such as they are. 

    (Brookings used to be reputable - now the Neo-Cons seem to run its foreign policy) 

    No disrespect - I have learned much from your posts 

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