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  1. Since we know that the Drumph's assertions about an immanent threat, as well as the embassies being targeted were bald faced lies . . . why in god's name should we accept without evidence the assertion that those killed (Sol guy and two Iraqi leaders) were bad dudes? The killings of others in the group were of at least equal import . . and will likely result in the US being expelled from Iraq. Here is a source. https://www.juancole.com/2020/01/challenge-military-occupation.html
  2. What we have above is reason number 87 why the GOPPER-supporters here so richly deserve the label of "Reich". In general, not just in the HRC case, the Reich acts as if it intends to hold onto power forever. They seem certain that no other party will ever have to opportunity to win an election and hold them accountable. It is to be hoped that they are not right.
  3. Heard a way refer to HRC as "the most vindicated woman in America". That's about right. I know the US Reich is fine with this because an authoritarian regime is what they are after. If they can do this to HRC, they can do it to anyone. (To repeat, I am not a fan or supporter of her)
  4. How about a source for this assertion? Zunnes says it was the Iraqi Shia militias, not the Iranian "Guard" that did it. Do you even know the difference? Doesn't seem like it. But the embassies !!
  5. Well, maybe, but you have presented zero evidence for that assertion . . On the other hand, https://progressive.org/dispatches/-no-evidence-iran-is-responsible-for-the-deaths-of-hundreds-of-americans-zunes-200107/ Zunnes - Even the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine General Peter Pace, admitted that there was no proof that the Iranian government was supplying Iraqi insurgents with the lethal weaponry. The British government withdrew similar charges they made in 2005, and the Iraqi government has also denied U.S. accusations of an Iranian connection. Juan Cole says
  6. The attack on Gen. Sol. was an act of war, against both Iran and Iraq. Where is your evidence that Gen Sol was a "bad dude"? If you cannot or will not say, you are a tool.
  7. That's the same militaristic Congress that abolished Armistice Day, and made it into the jingoistic orgy known as Veterans Day No more poppies in the lapels, no more reflections on peace. Just salute smartly and march off . .
  8. To be halfway fair to Obama, he did ask for Congressional authorization - putting party before country or constitution, the GOPPERs refused to even hold hearings. We we in Vets For Peace protested Obama nonetheless. Don't want to play partisan favorites - like the Reich does ALL THE FLIPPIN' TIME !!
  9. It is indeed well documented, but it is also likely wrong. We know much more now about the end of WWII now, than was known them (Ike's papers, just for openers) Suggest you read https://books.google.com/books/about/The_Decision_to_Use_the_Atomic_Bomb_and.html?id=QOtmAAAAMAAJ Agree than many historians share your view, but not all
  10. To reiterate, for a citizen of a republic to go marching off to war without clear and complete evidence provided by the government . . is downright traitorous. Or is it that you are pretty sure that you will not be among those marching off . .
  11. Bloomberg (and Dems) would be wise to put big, big resources into voter registration - esp in key states
  12. So now the local Reich is all about total faith in the Intell dudes, to the point that they cannot even be bothered to cite any evidence at all that Soleimani was a bad guy . . while last week they were vigorously denouncing those same Intell dudes as deep-state traitors. Here is one of the few articles out there that takes a balanced view of Soliemani IMHO https://www.juancole.com/2020/01/soleimani-against-support.html Come on Reich - where is your evidence that Sol Guy was a bad dude? Or are y'all merely authoritarian followers?
  13. One witness claims that Gallagher said he killed “three a day,” instructing him to “do the math” to obtain the total, per the newspaper. Gallagher also stands charged with shooting two civilians, a little girl and elderly man, and firing indiscriminately at civilians while overseas.
  14. The Reich cares not a fig for equal justice under the law, and are just fine with using the power of the government against political opponents. You'll see this play out again during the impeachment trial - if any. Jeez, what scum.
  15. I doubt seriously that either state's textbooks cover the full terroristic reality of the post-reconstruction south. Not bragging here - I only have begun to grasp this over the past several years . . This historic vessel "Governor Stone" is deliberately named to honor the MS leader who crushed black freedom and created a vicious system of US apartheid. Read Eric Foner, study up on famous sailor Robert Smalls
  16. Your attitude is that of an authoritarian follower. You blindly swallow the claims of the national security state. To reiterate, your duty as a citizen is to examine the evidence for yourself, and act on it in the arena of politics. So no, merely taking Obama's word on Soleimani is not acceptable. Since YOU are among the ones in favor of going to war, the burden of proof Is on YOU - where is it? Sounds like you have not done a lick of homework We in Vets For Peace learned long ago not to take the gummints word for it when it comes to war and peace.
  17. Well, it is standard practice in academic writing and research, that commonly known and accepted information . . need not have citations or list sources. That is what BL's list is.
  18. The litany of crimes posted there by BL is a thousand times more credible and accurate than anything posted on any subject by the Reich. The list seems accurate to me. I checked one assertion just to be sure . . The stupid and outrageous statement the Drumph ". . knows more about ISIS than American generals (Oct 2016)" was also reported by CNBC and other outlets.
  19. If another nation-state invades and occupies your country in a demonstrably illegal and unjust war, why are you a terrorist if you resist ?
  20. Yeah, enough deflection from the Reich . . Drumph is making us even more of a rogue state than we already were - a very tall order indeed https://www.juancole.com/2020/01/declares-occupying-jeopardy.html (It's very important to grasp that Drumph blew away two prominent Iraqi leaders, not just the Iranian) And a good summary of previous cooperation between Soleimani and the USG https://www.juancole.com/2020/01/soleimani-against-support.html
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