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  1. Typical Riech-Wing tactics . . if they cannot dispute the facts they attack the process
  2. And there have been at least 100 such incidents in recent years . . that practice is celebrated on Right Wing social media where they watch cars smashing into people for cheap entertainment. Somehow the Right Wingsters omit these acts when they rail about crime. As you may gather, I do not like them very much . . According to Ari Weil, a terrorism researcher, there have been 104 incidents of vehicles driving into protests between May 27 and September 27, 2020, with two fatalities in that time period.
  3. Carter erred grievously by starting us down the de-regulation road.
  4. No one has less credibility than y'all.
  5. The Great Society was not a failure, contrary to what the Riech proclaims. And it would have worked even better were it not for the Riech-Wing sabotage.
  6. Knock yourself out . . . Nuke yourself out ??
  7. Social anarchism is very similar to pure communism . . and Carlos Marx promised us a life of leisure - maybe not hedonism exactly, but close
  8. How dense are you ?? Op-eds are indeed journalism Full disclosure: Counterpunch has published me a few times, so I am biased. However, I do like this one . . https://www.counterpunch.org/2006/03/21/to-the-guy-who-called-me-a-traitor/
  9. Counterpunch is upfront about its perspective and conflicts . . but you are way too smart for that, and put your faith in the Rupert.
  10. Think about what you have written: Nixon/Kissinger, . . "handle it right", . . . "Madmen" Right, the essence of deterrence theory is that in order for it to work in a world of instruments of planetary extinction, you have to convince potential opponents that you are insane enough to use those weapons even after their nuke missiles have been launched, and you are facing certain death. In other words, they have to think that if you lose, you will take the planet down with you. And for sure, that is what madmen can do, and how they think. What could possibly go wrong ???
  11. My cite was from 2021 . . . and yes, they are still doing that What is most amazing is that the MSM lets the gummint get away with such patently fraudulent accounting. You are smarter than moi, and more often correct . . but not this time Here is the link - I can provide more . . https://www.cbsnews.com/news/afghanistan-iraq-wars-debt-6-trillion-interest/
  12. I am jus a poor but honest retired poly sigh dude - not a connoisseur of wine . . as you noted. How about if you get me a good one to make up for all the grief you've given me ??
  13. From CBS - "At the outset of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq under President George W. Bush, however, Congress cut taxes by roughly 8% for the wealthiest Americans. Since then, war costs haven't been included in the regular defense budget, experts have noted. Bogle will be fine ..
  14. McAuliffe in Virginia did not make Jan 6th a campaign issue in the slightest . . See his site here https://terrymcauliffe.com/ And then the corporate country club Dems have the audacity to blame progressives for the loss. Sometimes I think the corporate Dems are in cahoots with the GOP Riech
  15. I don't take any shit from them any more either.
  16. Once in a while one of them will say that quiet part out loud . . " . . harsh as this sounds -- your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights," I do not like them very much.
  17. Just to be clear, Tom, MB, BM and their elk are directly responsible for these atrocities. Because freedum for themselves and terror for the rest of us.
  18. Bogle has a nice one for around $ 10 It flies off the shelves around here. I normally do not plug commercial products, but that is a good wine .. Any takers on that wager ??
  19. My point was that those ugly-assed wars were not counted as part of military spending. Obama's accounting was less phony that Dubya's, but it was still phony. Want to bet a bottle of nice Cab ??
  20. They are still doing that. The Forever Wars are not counted in the military spending budget. Some fiscal responsibility you have there.
  21. If abortion in the US had ended 50 years ago with Roe, the population of the country now would likely be at least 450 million instead of 330 million. (Although it is declining, there have been about one million abortions per year in the US) That extra 120 million would be people that grew up unwanted, and had kids that were also mostly unwanted. What would the US be like if the religious extremists had their way ?? Globally, we would be well on our way to a Stand on Zanzibar type dystopia. Before very long the mass of human beings on the planet would exceed
  22. And y'all wonder why I use the word Riech (misspelled on purpose to get past the PA censors) to refer to that elk
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