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  1. Do you have a laptop or computer on the boat? Copy files from external drive to computer. Plug in tablet to computer and download files to tablet.
  2. Should have named them all the same. Then just register one boat and say you've lost the registration paper for boat #2 and 3 and get replacement registration papers. Saves a lot on the taxes and/or annual fees Seriously they look nice Bob. Running backstays too?
  3. When we were in the San Blas Islands of Panama for about a month in 1997, on a 30' boat without refrigeration, lobster was our main protein. Lobster curry, lobster omlette, lobster stir fry, lobster pasta. It did get old.
  4. Yeah I'd bet modern 2 stroke oil has way better additives. That's less than a gallon of old oil. For the amount of oil a 7.5 uses I would splash out and buy a gallon of new oil.
  5. Probably tabbing of the bulkhead strengthened the part that stayed behind. Any sort of repair will be attached to the rest of the hull. The hulls aren't symmetric I think so you can't take a splash from the port hull. So temporary foam plug that is shaped by eye. Then lay up the section on it and fair it. The other alternative is get Seawind to lay up a new bow section in their mold(s), ship it to them, and just glass it to the hull. That's what I would prefer.
  6. Correct. That's what I said. The rudders were not toed in. The tillers were. The tillers and rudders were not in-line with each other.
  7. My cat had a wheel with a wooden rope drum, and under bridgedeck criss-cross rope steering (1/4" dacron) to the external tillers. A bit stretchy but it was very responsive. You could feel the load on the rudders. Would have been better with a non stretch rope I think - but I'm not sure if the length doesn't change as the tillers move. I do know if it was tensioned too much it would tend to feel like it was binding. My tillers were toed in to provide Ackerman angles. Dirt simple. Only moving parts were some pulleys and a piece of rope. Could be fixed in any 3rd world hardware store at a pinch.
  8. Nice photo Steve - did you take that? I'm glad the inner bulkhead held. Good lesson: ensure your plywood collision bulkhead is covered with a layer of glass and resin to prevent getting waterlogged post-collision.
  9. Have you seen fittings pull out of decks etc? They leave a little hole. Did you read the blog post? A bow that was pulled off by a fitting would not have caused any impact to the crew. It would have just yanked off the bow and the boat would not have stopped suddenly. The sail would undergo a big ease but it would not have stopped the boat!! The blog post recounting the collision. I don't know why Isabel didn't feel the force the same way. It doesn't mean she didn't feel anything - just that one was better positioned to fall down and maybe hit his head. I usually like to write
  10. Metal conduit and conduit bender to protect the wires from the bird ?
  11. I'm sure it was a collision with something heavy and hard. Not a hull failure for no reason. Mark reported that it was an impact that knocked him out for a few seconds. So think sudden stop.
  12. You guy is wrong. Go to the Can. gov site! Americans can drive over the land border Aug 9th if fully vaccinated. Sept 7th is for other nationalities. Canadians can't drive over the border to the US unless for "essential travel" https://travel.gc.ca/travel-covid/travel-restrictions/wizard-start
  13. I used a square PVC one that had a clip on cover on the side of mast to run a radar cable up the side. About 1cm square. Very tidy. Kind of like this: https://www.amazon.ae/Royal-Apex-Concealer-Paintable-Management/dp/B08H5M976V
  14. In a pinch I've used hot melt glue. Didn't fail for years in the tropics. A little ugly but it works. Run them under the side decks or in natural corners to be less noticeable
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