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  1. Our first cutter had the staysail on hanks. It was tiny, like 60 sq ft. Took 5 seconds to hoist and when it was down a single bungy cord was almost enough to secure it. The catamaran with a cutter had the staysail on a furler (came that way). I would have been just as happy without a furler on that sail. I don't think we ever used it partly furled.
  2. ha, I was just going to post a picture of the cruising fleet in Ushuaia.... I see one small boat without RF.
  3. Sure you can. But you can't use it in Canada without leaving the country fairly regularly. Honestly I don't know how long non-US boats are allowed to stay. It won't really hurt too many boat builders in Canada. We only have a few builders of >250K boats. West Bay, Kanter, Gozzard. Maybe some small east coast builders. Maybe. But if you do that too obviously, the tax people will eventually hear of it and get you under "avoidance, tax"
  4. Typically a cartridge type respirator mask for VOCs. Brushing doesn't aerolize the particles like spraying does. I like the venerable 3M type because I can get replacement cartridges easily.
  5. The sweetish smell of isocyanates attracts bugs like nothing else. DON'T touch them when they get in the wet paint. Just wait for it to cure and scrape them off with a fingernail.
  6. I was thinking of a transverse glass tube (not PVC). For the PVC tube you need to work harder to make it waterproof and it's not as strong. It's also easier to just glass on some interior patches in a few flat patches to add bearing / shear capacity then in the tighter confines of the stem (just easier to reach)
  7. I suspect the mechanism is like "get picked up by a big breaking crest, broach and then capsize". Just watch videos of sailboats in breaking surf that capsize. If they can keep perpendicular to the wave, they usually stay upright. The beauty of the Jordan series drogue is that SOME part of the drogue is in the wave, and it keeps the stern straight
  8. Lumpy? I have no idea - I leave the RAO to the hydrodynamicists in the company. We seldom do any motion prediction for the smaller workboats we design. We did one for the Canadian Navy's new 24m tugs. Sea State 6 on the beam? "Avoid. ~50% MSI"
  9. Why is it always the right wing nuts proclaiming that civil war is just around the corner... maybe it's their favourite fantasy to come in to save the Republic, with guns blazing.
  10. That was your Monday morning green M & M test.....and you swallowed it just like I knew you Leftistas would. So if we comment on your racist speech we fail? And if we ignore them because it's "a test" - we sort of win? I guess it's probably better to call out racists for their overtly racist speech and fail your self-imposed test. I feel pretty comfortable with that sort of behaviour.
  11. Did you mean the bobstay? I'd totally go with the glass tube with radiused ends as it exits the hull sides and just eye splice through the tube. Stainless steel fasteners in the splash zone where you never really look at them is a recipe for eventual failure. Not saying they won't last for years, but I think composite solutions for this is way smarter. If the bow is strong enough for 2 or 3 bolts in line, it will be strong enough not to get ripped off with a glass tube bearing on the skins.
  12. I'm sure Alexseal or Perfection will give you a good result that will last many years. If the original is peeling/cracked you'll need to sand off the original coating until you hit carbon or the primer layer. Then best results will be obtained with a 2 part epoxy primer that is made for either paint. You can certainly do it in the open. But temperature/sun plays a key role. Paint early in the day before it gets hot and out of direct sunlight. Have it all ready to go, with a tarp over it the night before. Pull the tarp, wipe any dew/condensation with dry rags and get painting. Low win
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