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  1. Hey my kid just got accepted at Sciences Po in Reims. Which is very very hard to pronounce. What do you think about universities opening in September?? Read anything about that yet? Thanks.
  2. For a model a thin neoprene boot would be simple. This seals off the cylinder rod from the pivot mechanism.
  3. One other thing to consider. Lots of e-motor solutions are more efficient than an outboard (especially) because they have a good sized fixed 3 blade prop they are turning slowly. The extra drag under sail might not be attractive to many. So keep that in mind. I think e-drive is a good solution to <25' boats because many of them are only used as daysailors or weekenders. Especially lighter boats where you can quietly motor sail and generate apparent wind. If you motor 30 miles to your weekend destination and anchor out, and it's flat calm on sunday when it is time to return you might no
  4. These guys are local to me. Using a Cal 25 (~4500 lbs displacement) they say they get 50 n.m. range at close to 5 knots. I suspect they're a bit more reasonably priced because they come from e-bike world. The issue for me is still range with the type of sailing I do (not visiting marinas very often which I would need to recharge). One thought I have is all this is in calm water/no wind. If you have a headwind or strong seas your range will drop dramatically. With a diesel/gas engine you just push the throttle open a bit more because you have lots of reserve power. With a
  5. This does happen sadly. Never heard of 4 years but 1 or 2 years, yes. Owner goes bust, no money for wages or for crew to fly home. Their only chance of recovery is the ship
  6. Joints on a furler foil are never that prominent AND further apart. Those are hanks. Jammed halyard?
  7. User error. They didn't furl it tightly or the sheets were not tight. Usually the first reason.
  8. Yeah its close enough to the LCG of the boat that I wouldn't worry. But do not use a bladder of water. Use some bottles of wine as variable ballast.
  9. Very cheap used on in Ireland. Advertised on a local YC so won't get a lot of attention. I'd ask the seller the approximate hours of the engine it came from. https://hyc.ie/buy-and-sell/949-yanmar-km2p-gearbox
  10. I have owned the following 2 strokes Mercury 3.3 Yamaha 4 Evinrude 9.9 Yamaha 15 Yamaha 15 Enduro And the following 4 strokes Honda 8 Tohatsu 6 Sailpro Yamaha 9.9 high thrust XL shaft (x2) The 2 stroke Yamahas stand out for durability. The Sailpro was the worst I ever owned and I owned it from new. It was the worst by an order of magnitude in reluctance to start, idle or run. I agree that the Yamaha 9. 9 is way overkill for your boat. Maybe a 20" Yamaha 6 with a better mount allowing the motor to get closer to the water. Our sailing coo
  11. Turkish guy putting one back together. He laps the cones starting at 0:10 seconds (shows you the valve grinding paste) non Yanmar manual https://www.sv-zanshin.com/r/manuals/yanmardieselinboardshopmanualgeneral.pdf
  12. Oh, put it in gear both directions when running the engine! I would have thought that was self-evident but just in case.
  13. I'd change the oil. Run the engine for 10 minutes. Change the oil. Run the engine for 10 minutes. Change the oil. Run the engine as usual and see what happens. Good chance the gear will have survived. They are not complex things like an automatic transmission. You can take them apart and lap the cones yourself. Helps to have a vise and a hammer. However maybe this is the year to buy towing insurance....?
  14. I kind of guessed you were on the East Coast of the US from the post. Perhaps pirate costumes would help.
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