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  1. So has PB and BT signed on for the next AC run? Not sure if i missed that or they still in limbo waiting to "decide"?
  2. Sir Ben Ainslie has questioned whether it would be right to hold the next America’s Cup in Saudi Arabia, saying that there are “better options” than Jeddah, which is yet to be ruled out of contention to stage the 2024 race. Grant Dalton, chief executive of the champions, Team New Zealand (TNZ), is continuing to review his options before the deadline for announcing the venue for the 2024 defence on March 31, with the city in Saudi Arabia, where 81 people were executed on a single day this month, still an option. It is thought that Jeddah has put up the most money to stage the 37th
  3. If it was held in Jeddah and they were sailing at night, i would not be surprised at all if they lit up the whole course somehow with flood lights like they do with the F1 track.
  4. NYYC just threw all their toys out of the sandbox and is on track to send the AC to the courts for whatever reason
  5. so from the cork post, they're requesting a 6+ month extension so they can fully review. No where on the press release has any sort of date for the extension. so does that mean, 6+ month extension to pick a venue?
  6. I would love it if they painted a big band-aide on it LOL
  7. not a DB fan but holy geez. poor guy!! took the aggressive mark at the top and crashed the boat and is hung out to dry here. If he took the safe route and lost, everyone would be saying he's a pussy and should have taken the other mark and he lost it for the team. no win situation for DB
  8. so with all the talk of the after guard situation on AM what's ETNZ look like? I suspect GA is the tactician but what other role does he play? Is he able to look around constantly like Giles Scott?
  9. I'm so pissed there's no coverage!!!!
  10. skimmed through the post and couldn't find if there was an answer but did they shelve boat 1 because of their "Crash". i saw posts about potential damage to boat 1 but not sure if there was any truth to it or not. doesn't make sense to me that they'd be boatless for this long. Maybe pushed up their timetable?
  11. AM ways attempt and Hugo Boss keel walk?
  12. I recall there was a Haka vs Sipi Tau faceoff. What made it different was they were doing at the same time rather than taking turns. I remember i got some serious goose bumps watching that. If anybody konws what i'm taking about, mind posting the video? Tried to look for it but all i could find was them taking turns rather and doing it at the sametime
  13. was wondering if there's been any news about a ruling for the newspaper to publish their super secret conversations and documents
  14. with the amount of video post of ETNZ vs AM there will no doubt be more videos of mishaps. also, most of the videos post with AM is from AM so, ya... they'll not be showing any mishaps. Most of ETNZ are videos/ pics from average joes showing the good and the bad.
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