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  1. If you need a mirror, the choice is obvious.
  2. The above should be gold plated and hung inside the meeting rooms of all cat builders! Docking: When driving into a 'box' in strong crosswind conditions or other docking challenges (just one engine, etc) we deploy the dingy with a crew and a VHF. It goes in between the hulls just in front of the mast and acts as sidethruster. By the way: Cats don't need bowthrusters (rotation is not the problem), but centerboard cats are a lot easier to handle with a sidethruster (sideways drift is the problem).
  3. Love my Sailmon MAX! ... but it could be so much more than a fancy display. Two ideas which would use its WiFi and BT capabilities: 1) Support BT connection to Smartwatches which can then be used as remote (many mounting locations in dinghies do not allow pressing any buttons on the MAX) 2) Add coach&voice mode by programming a BT - WiFi audio bridge: Sailor has waterproof BT earset, audio comes via BT from MAX which receives it via WiFi from the coach boat which has a similar setup. Bonus points for a nice UI on the coach boat, so coach can choose which boats hear his communic
  4. As soon as one of these guys makes $$ with sailboat electronics: Never, sadly.
  5. 1) Yes, I have put a white tape on mine 2) https://batteryuniversity.com/index.php/learn/article/how_to_prolong_lithium_based_batteries
  6. Love my MAX, but: The dark color of the back side causes MAX to heat up in the sun; poison for LiPo batteries which age exponentially with temperature. The holes on the MAX mount are a a little bit off from the universal AMPS hole pattern, which would have allowed to easily use RAM and many other mounts. Grrrrrrr. https://motogps.com.au/blog/what-is-the-4hole-amps-pattern/
  7. The Sailmon App on my Android has now updated and all may MAX recordings of the last weeks magically showed up. MAX functionality in the App seems to be working fine.
  8. Sailmon delivered their MAX hardware with only a slight delay due to Covid and the core functionality is there and works stable. They respond to support emails and even calls. They had a webinar and responded to all questions by the viewers immediately. We are still waiting for the Android app, but I am very confident it will be released this month. I would love to have more tactical information and GPX track (and data) export. Compared to the rest of the 'industry' I would rate the Sailmon MAX product release top 5%. Au royaume des aveugles, les borgnes sont rois.
  9. That was not the intent, I actually love watching SailGP and wish them all the best. But facts matter.
  10. Let's compare YouTube views...
  11. All of our beautiful 'USB charging' gadgets will become useless within 3-5 years or earlier, because the cheap Lithium Polymer batteries inside loose capacity. I love devices with rechargeable AAA and AA batteries; easy to just replace the batteries after a few years. Ideally they would put both standard batteries and a charging circuit in their devices.
  12. Everybody is doing it: The HH50 now seems to being for 52ft. If I recall correctly it started as HH48.
  13. Can someone explain why designers keep on drawing catamarans too stubby? You could take almost any 'crusing' cat, stretch (or extend) the hulls by 10%, leave the rest unchanged and have a much better boat for a <2% build cost increase. My guess is the designers optimize for light boat, flat water VPP and rarely go cursing in the real world.
  14. Considering that the new Excess catamarans seem to have the same hull shapes and similar weights as the Lagoon catamarans, the only thing 'Excess' I can discover is an excess in marketing BS. Sad, sad, sad, that Seahorse (which I love and pay a lot for) prints this crap without any fact-checking.
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