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  1. I've pulled cats thousands of miles, coast to coast. Tramp on or off doesn't seem to matter. If you have a stiff crosswind, go fast enough to keep the apparent wind forward. That being said, if you're pulling an A-cat on a light weight aluminum trailer, fill the boxes up with as much weight as possible. I have seen the trailer flying a wheel...
  2. Let me know if you still need spin pole ends.  I have a box full of new/old stock in various sizes.  I can make you a deal.

    1. LightWind


      I have a second-hand Forespar twist-lock whisker pole and the trigger on one end has lost its spring.  Would you be willing to take a look in your box for a replacement for it? 2" diameter pole.  

    2. Mikey Don’t Like Sh*t

      Mikey Don’t Like Sh*t

      I have the Forespar 304050 for the 2" pole - https://www.fisheriessupply.com/forespar-ultra-series-pole-ends-uxp-trip-line-style/304050

      $75 - includes shipping in the US.


      Forespar 304050.jpg

  3. I'm currently using an oscillating multitool with a thin flexible scraper blade. I'm removing about a foot every 5 mins.
  4. Tre Tread master, hydro turf, and seadeck are all similar FOAM products and will bond to the nonskid just like it is. Acetone wash the surface to remove any wax residue and use a hard rubber linoleum roller to press it down after applying.
  5. The PSA will bond to the old nonskid without a problem. The foam is flexible enough to conform to the rough surface
  6. Pretty common failure. Fill it with mat, and put a new t section of g10 to spread the load
  7. There is also Mini 6.5 for sale at the same location - same color also...
  8. There are FT10's and a 7.5 at Lanier. The rest of the fleet was in storage up the street, but I haven't looked for them lately.
  9. I used the Dotan rudder system on my 18HT in the first Tybee 500. There are always a ton of weeds/seagrass as you pass each of the inlets the would get caught on the rudders. With the Dotan's, squat in, flick the tiller arm up/down the pivot the blade up, flick it a second time and lock it down. Took 2-3 secs to clear the weeds. Initially we had a 2:1 pull down using the clamcleat release system. With the clam cleat system, come in off the trapeze, release the pull down line, clear the blades, pull/cleat it back down, back on the wire. Took closer to 30 secs, and if the line slip
  10. Think of the road rash that would cause. A strawberry with fiberglass splinters rubbed in...
  11. Cum stains on the pillow where she used to lay her head... David Allen Coe
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