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  1. We used to take shotgun shells, empty the pellets and using a BB gun, stand back about 10-15 ft and try to shoot the primer and make them go Boom! One thing we noticed after they went off the primer was always missing. Didn't think much about it until one day one of the kids fell down screaming and holding his knee. Damn primer had flown back and struck him in the knee cap. It ricocheted off the cap under the skin and traveled an inch or so up his leg, still under the skin. We took him home, poured alcohol on it and prepared to slit the skin and pull it out with tweezers. He
  2. 2nd vote for coppa 5000. I’ve been using it for about 2 years for my M24 mainsheet and am very satisfied.
  3. Neither, it came with own ring set-up. I chose the 44 tooth that was geared towards the most torque.
  4. I took a 30 year old Specialized 21-speed and converted it to a 7 speed e-bike. It has 9 levels of peddle assist, or you can just use the throttle lever. At level 4 and me pedaling in 7th gear it does 18mph. I usually get 40-45 mile range at that level. I dialed down the electric governor to 25mph max. It will do 35mph, but that's another accident waiting to happen. Cost $799 and about 3 hours of labor. It's the Bafang kit. I had been using an electric scooter, one-wheel and e-skateboard to get around, and figured it was just a matter of time before I put myself in the h
  5. A little fiberglass and carbon dust would go a long way...
  6. Here's a different take on sailors powerboat. My Dad and I have covered over 6,000 miles. Mississippi River from Minneapolis to the Gulf. Missouri River from Yankton SD to St Louis. Ohio River from Pittsburg to Paducah, KY. The Tennessee-Tombigbee waterway from the Ohio river to the gulf. The Flint river from Albany, GA to the gulf. And I'm sure there are a few more in there. Not to mention many days spent duck hunting and fishing. May I present to you M/V Dumarse - 16ft Express aluminum boat with a 4-stroke 20hp Yamaha. It burns 2 gal/hour cruising at 22-27 knots depending on th
  7. I think it's when you hit the rev limiter...
  8. I use 5mm Marlow pre-stretch. Big knobby cover that bites well into the cleat, but doesn't burry itself so deep that it's hard to adjust. -MK
  9. I had a Traeger for 10+ years and when it finally gave up, I did my research and bought the Rectec 590. I love it so much, that I bought the Bullseye to replace my charcoal Weber. I haven't been to the Augusta store, only because I haven't driven that way in ages. If I do, it's certainly on the agenda. If you want to borrow the Bullseye, it's yours. I'll be smoking a turkey and bacon on the 590. PM me for the address.
  10. Rectec Bullseye for $399 delivered. Temp range from 180 to over 700 for searing. Very few smokers have the range to do both.
  11. My favorite 1911 to shoot - Sig 1911 Super Target
  12. Anybody know why there are no results posted yet?
  13. Loos gauge works for a relative #. Meaning, I set up my rig with #15 for an all-purpose setting and #20 for heavy air. I've used both DM20 and D12 Max SK99 with nearly identical results. My go to for A-Class rigging is 2.5mm D12 Max SK99. -Mike
  14. 8mm available in the states - https://usonedesign.com/adjusta-shockcord-8mm/
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