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  1. Looks like a brake or gear shift cable
  2. Armourcoat is a Marlow product - https://www.marlowropes.com/product/armourcoat-leisure-marine-rope-coating And I approve your two trees in the garden method...
  3. I've supplied synthetic rigging for 1 x I14, 50+ A-Class cats, and a few F-boats. The synthetic standing rigging is typically 1/10th the weight of the wire rigging with no increase in diameter. I prefer to use Marlow SK99 D12 Max. For me, it's the most consistent product supplied batch to batch, roll to roll. There are several keys to make it work properly as Julian pointed out. Use a "heat set" product to reduce creep Load and hold it for at least an hour at 40% of it's breaking strength to remove the "constructional" creep that induced by handling, splicing, etc.
  4. I wouldn’t cut or move anything. Just add 3 more blocks. A single with becket off the eyestrap near the back of the boom, one on the traveler (Laser style setup), and another right near the gooseneck. The main sheet will come straight up off the bridle, forward through the 4 blocks to the mast, and back to the ratchet block. This will keep the main from strangling you on the tacks.
  5. On the halyards I build for East Coast Sailing, there is a Ronstan ShockBlock, luggage tagged in position. The position allows the jib to dropped to the deck, and the SB can be easily removed if needed. -Mike
  6. I've been using the Allen key ball system with the Zhik harness for almost 3 years now and can't imagine going back to the hook system. It didn't take any practice to get used to it. Hooking in and out seemed natural to me, even with 15 years of using the hook system.
  7. I had never even heard of this model. gorgeous boat. I'm jealous as always. Have you ever sailed a modern A-Class? If not, stop by Lake Lanier sometime and I'll throw you the keys. -Mike
  8. They may have called it a Worrell, but it wasn't really a Worrell unless Mike was standing on the beach. Hotels loved it when we rinsed the sails in the pool...
  9. A couple of "action" finishes
  10. Rounding Hattaras was pretty gnarly at times
  11. I was coming home from a regatta on a Sunday evening and a car in the opposite direction hit a deer and knocked it down right in front of us. No room to miss it, so we ran slap over it with with a Ford diesel van pulling a Melges 24. The van looked fine, but the front of the M24 was covered in blood and guts. We pull into our sailing club just after dusk and the commodore and his wife are out walking the dogs. They see the mess and ask what the hell happened. I told them that "F*cker tried to port tack the start"
  12. Miami Beach - Pre-start of the last Worrell 1000
  13. That was a Crashdanaldo move... The penalty was in no way appropriate for the seriousness of the incident.
  14. Sprint race it should be interesting - 17 laps and no pit stops. Pick a tire compound and see if you can make them last to the end.
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