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  1. Thinking of getting a F27 but I am wondering do you need to have the dagger board all the way down while sailing? I am sailing a Reynolds 21 and both daggers down are 3 ft in this small lake I sail on I haven't hit anything yet with them down I know the 27 is almost 5 ft, just was wondering if the board needs to be down all the way?
  2. Hello, all I hope you all are good during these crazy times. I want to put a bow spirt on my boat. Not sure what type of poll to use or where to find something cheap. I also need to find something that I can stick on my spinnaker that has a loop in it for attaching a line for the retrieval system I am playing with. I have looked on the internet, maybe some of you have already done this? Thanks
  3. That is crazy, I totally forgot about Lanier! I grew up sailing on that lake! Yes, my boat is a beach cat might not be a hobie but it will pull up nicely! Here see the beach cats!
  4. You cant tell what I have from my Avatar? that sucks! I looked at some videos on Smith Lake it is like 190 feet deep 20K Acres of water that is a nice place I need to go visit it. My Boat if that isn't a cat I don't know what is then.
  5. No dont sail there I have visited there, sometimes lake Erie. The problem with a few lakes here is they surrounded the lakes with huge rocks so there isn't a nice beach to come into
  6. Thanks for the reply, but Lake Norman is not good to launch from and not sure how much things are there to keep a boat dry-docked if I were to do that. Up north isnt good if it snows, I need semi warmth if I leave PA. Why aren't their catamaran sailors in other bodies of waters? I can't believe there is no inland lake that is a pure Gem for sailing that some of you know about that aren't talking about. LOL, The lake I am on now its almost 4,000 acres if we could find something that is like 50,000 acres of shoreline that might be a nice open body of water, What do you think? I am just
  7. Thinking about moving south on the East coast, wondering if anyone knows of a decant inland lake or a nice Bay area that maybe is only 40 min from a city because we still have to work. Needs to have a beach to pull the boat onto after getting off the trailer. It would be nice to sail with multihull sailors. would be nice to sail sometimes in the winter, up north here no freaking way is that possible! I do mountain biking all year also being out in the cold isnt easy for me! Maybe someone here would know of a perfect area that is a sort of a secret? Thanks..)
  8. wow, this was an awesome video I hope you make one of it sailing! Now that is a Good kid!
  9. I will try that. I don't know what to do with my crew issue. LOL I guess I should go out when its above 15 mph for her.
  10. Hello, all I am a lake sailor for now gusty and shifty winds but right now for 7 years I have used the hank system on the forestay. Sometimes it isn't to easy to send the wife to the bow to pull down the sail when I need to kill the power. What should i look for and what all is involved in making my jib a Furling one? In this video you will see how my job falls a little
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