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  1. https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2001/trt-1200-cr-3831234/ I'd open up the bridgedeck cabin like the one in Maryland has done. these boats are pretty cavelike. although if upwind is a priority a Corsair 36 would be better. if upwind and 3 cabins, then a mono
  2. I know this is shockwave's thread, but how different is it from something like this 59' Shuttleworth for about $1m less? https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2001/trimaran-shuttleworth-58-3577464/
  3. I don't see this one listed. https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2017/farrier-f-39-cruising-trimaran-3645553/
  4. Damn, I love your style. All your work?
  5. I love the idea of proas, but I don't love the idea of unpainted fiberglass sitting in a backyard in Maine for 20 years.
  6. The fastest houseboat in the Med.
  7. I think you're looking for a Prout or a Gemini.
  8. I think Sailboatlistings.com is the website for for sale by owner stuff.
  9. Can't wait to see it. I like this size/design a lot.
  10. personally I would want a larger boat that's all 1 piece to do any crossings. I know that people have done crossings in F-31s but I think of them as better suited to "fun" conditions ie: warm water, nice breeze. Then they really shine. I do think corsairs/fboats are a good boat for your current situation though, learning to sail, adventure. Are there lakes around you can take them to? Lac St Jean? Mistissini? You can cruise around the St Lawrence in the summer for sure. Just pay attention to the weather They hold their value very well, so you will be able to resell it when you
  11. The trimaran platform just gives an absurd amount of deckspace if you go for the condo style... I have to say the Neels look pretty comfortable. I've just heard too many dodgey things about the build quality. Maybe if someone could balance the seakindlyness and the piano? Piano below the waterline? IDK...
  12. it never occurred to me before, but shouldn't it be, "Sink AND Swim?"
  13. I'm pretty hipster and I really liked St. Augustine when I passed through there. Lots of cool boats stop there as well.
  14. definitely a pet peeve of mine that someone selling a 100k item can't even be assed to post decent photos.
  15. Mission creepin' and I'm creepin' and I'm creepin' https://www.sailboatlistings.com/view/90449 Best deal on a 36 I've seen.
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