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  1. F'n brilliant! Thanks. Also considering cutting the cockpit floor and aft deck out to facilitate repair. Then redoing it in a more modern style. If so, that project will get moved to a new thread.
  2. I think it is beyond setting in the sun. I am going to cut inspection ports in the cockpit floor to push it out and go at it with a heat gun.
  3. Everything is there. The rig and sail are very good, wood is OK, trailer is excellent. Worth it just for the parts & trailer. Not sure what I can do with the hull, but Imma gonna give it a try...
  4. Picked it up today. Wow, they never tell you. Looks like he left it strapped down to the trailer for too long. The bottom of the hull has a dent and a crack from the bunk. Everything else looks great. All of the spars, hardware, wood and sail look very serviceable. Probably will replace the lines. It needs a good cleaning, sanding and some glass work and it should be ready for the water.
  5. Thanks all. Pretty juiced. I hope to pick it up on Saturday. I know about airholes. The Frontrunner that I did had a half dozen 1"ers in the hull. Looked like rebar poked through. They didn't happen to mention it in the description.
  6. Looking forward to it. I still have not told my wife though. I did a similar restoration on a Frontrunner 19 that I picked up in a similar way. I love that boat! But no racing near me.
  7. I just bought this! I had been looking for a Force 5 unseriously for several years. Put in a low bid ($510) and voila! It shall be mine. Looks like the hull will need to be stripped and cleaned. Check on the fiberglass repair. Maybe a new sail and some lines and she should be ready to go.
  8. I love my Frontrunner. Modern, stable and sails well. Of it as a modern Flying Scott. Assym, lighter mast, big open cockpit. Easily trailered. One for sail in the classifieds. https://sailinganarchy.com/advert/front-runner-19/
  9. Thanks. I will post a pic of the damage and repair when I tare into it.
  10. I picked this up. Ended up at $1400 plus $300 in fees. Turns out the rig is fine with a brand new jib and an unused kite. Could use a new main. The hull does have some damage but I have glass, resin and gel cote. The trailer needed a new winch and lights and the boat needs new lines. But all told, it really only needs a couple hundred $$ and a weekend and it will be ready to race.I am pretty juiced.
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