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  1. Ave can also charge using the regeneration function of the engine not only using solar.
  2. Yes @occams_razor Christophe is Thailand based but they insure worldwide. We're presently Med based.
  3. In ten years of ownership the only insurance I was able to get for Spirit that was ocean going was from these guys and Christophe's service was fantastic. Never had a claim with them so can't comment on that. Christophe GEORGE Senior insurance consultant - marine & aviation branch Tel : +66(0)92 542 0505 (GMT + 7) chr
  4. Wow Phil you're bringing up some old memories there great stuff!! I remember fondly as a kid (must have been in the 90's) going onboard Duet when she was known as Screamer. She was anchored in Cid Harbour in the Whitsundays and the next day the owner sailed her out the back of the Islands passed Border Island while it was blowing snot and unfortunately she ended up going tits up losing the rig. Those plum bows back then looked seriously hot and with the silver hulls and huge wing mast she was certainly a sight for a young cruising kid!!
  5. The visibility doesn’t look too bad. I’d say from the size of the wheel and height of the saloon roof that you’d have to be fairly short not to see over it, if you can’t see over it all you need to do is a few steps forward and your up a step. Some sun protection at the Helen would be nice. It’ll likely get some small Bimini's made in time but I’ve crossed many an ocean with exposed helms like that and for professional crew on a sail yacht it’s just all part of the job, some large super yachts like Wallys don’t even have helm seats this things luxurious! People that don’t like sailing and expo
  6. Whats wrong with them? All serious offshore multis have carbon stocks and blades we had one on Spirit and it was by far the best rudder system I've used in thirty years super light with plenty of power. Like most things they seem to have issues if they're not done right. Pic is of Spirits rudder and stock from 2010 when she was first hauled in Newport RI.
  7. 1kw of Solar or shore power charges the 360Ah @ 48v lithium bank. The Oceanvolt engine can regenerate at up to 3.8kw max @ 17kts of boat speed. Regeneration reduces speed around 0.6 of a knot. Can motor for 2hrs at 7kts and 5hrs at 4kts flat seas. No good for boats that can't sail but a great system for boats that sail well and for people that aren't in a hurry if and when cruising. I believe the system over I.C.E saved roughly 65kg's. Owner is very happy with the system and it suits their needs very well ;-)
  8. Ave actually has lithium and an electric drive no diesel! Her rigs carbon and she’s got synthetic rigging. For comparison Spirit, which has a 19m carbon rig and dyneema rigging had her last OMR in 2017 after being refit. She was 3.6t, which isn’t bad for a thirty year old design that’s 12.4m x 10.6m.
  9. This is such a relative question. It's relative to how big the boat is, how old it is and how complex and how competent the owner is at doing his own maintenance. Personally they aren't more expensive it you keep them simple and chose a well designed and maintained boat in the first place. If you want to pay people to do simple maintenance then you're going to have higher costs no matter how many hulls you have. We lived on an average of $1,000 a month onboard Spirit and that can be done on any boat as long as you keep things simple and buy a boat that was a solid base to begin with and wh
  10. Diaform would like to have upgraded to structural and synthetic but $$$$$
  11. Spirit had a 19m carbon wing and sailed over halfway around the world and never had problems with it. We were also based three seasons in SE Asia, which has to be one of the most intense lightning areas in the world to cruise. It's a myth that carbon conducts better than alloy. Carbon won't just fall down if struck but it can become damaged from the strike due to the excessive heat at entry and exit points. If we had the option of an alloy or carbon rig we'd chose alloy every time. The rig was rotating and we never took the mast down to grease the rotation joint. We did fit grease ni
  12. I don't think we disagree on anything there Wess my points that I don't think we've really seen a way cool trimaran that fits the offshore performance/cruiser in the 45-50ft range. If that boat exists I'd love to see it. For me it would be a baby Paradox with a nicer and more open interior/exterior area. Paradox is a bit down and dark old monoish with that companionway. Same as FINN don't get me wrong both sweet boats but something designed for the tropics a bit less cold weather and more open tropics with a nice cockpit you can enjoy, daybed and so on. Even the Cats aren't there yet.. Su
  13. Soma is spot on here! There is still not the perfect tri designed and built for performance offshore cruising. It's amazing how there isn't a great 45ft two double cabin design out there. They're either ugly or they don't perform well or the space and volume is poorly used. It can be done but to invest 800k to a mil on a one off 45ft/50ft trimaran when the worlds inundated with 2nd hand boats no one wants, the environment is screwed and the worlds resources are less and less each year kind of makes you wonder whether its the right thing to do and whether the problem really needs solv
  14. Seeing old boats (especially badly damaged ones) being given a new life is inspiring. She’s a lucky boat to have such a dedicated owner and team looking after her... RESPECT!
  15. Actually the beat from Saba to St Barth's can be a ball breaker!
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