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  1. There are many references to the J/92 in this thread, which is not surprising. Our record (that we know of) was 18.8 twice, crossing Monterey Bay in a Spinnaker Cup. Sleddog was driving. 92's are great boats that were overshadowed by the popularity of the more sedate J/105. The 92 has bigger kites than the 105 and is 3,000# lighter. Need I say more?
  2. She's a regular here on the Bay. Normally berthed in Brickyard Cove (ahem... The Boardwalk) https://www.woodenboat.com/register-wooden-boats/stroma-mey
  3. Racing down the coast to Half Moon Bay, solo.
  4. I like to slip-knot/lark’s head a dyneema loop in the jib’s clew ring and clip the pole to that. Then the pole doesn’t slide down the jibsheet. It also gives you something to grab when clipping on the pole. Chafe is on the loop instead of the sheet, etc.
  5. Agreed - but even B&G doesn't do that. After lots of searching I found an advanced user manual for my H5000 pilot with an IMOCA revision "for Vendee Globe 2016 teams." That's the closest I've found to what we need. Remember that probably 90% of Raymarine AP users are setting trolling patterns with them, not sailing downwind with spinnakers.
  6. Yeah, I've had it. I'm retiring in a couple more months. I'm not alone - I get e-mail listings from practice brokers - our profession is selling and retiring in droves. If your tax preparer is competent and is willing to keep doing this shit, take them cookies (or rum) and don't bitch about their fees. IRS is sitting on, or demanding more of, OUR money. But their creaky old processing system is hanging by a thread. Do you want to get Congress' attention? Massive, organized non-filing by millions of taxpayers would crash the IRS system overnight and would probably create a national s
  7. Just saw this - I don't log in here very often. It's becoming a blur - the Raymarines were on the J/92 that I sold in 2018. But as I recall, I only set it as high as 7 when coming in the Gate under spinnaker - never 10 - and I'd be down to 2 or 3 in light air to keep the drive from sawing back and forth. Flying your masthead symmetric kite in 20+ knots is asking more than it was intended to deliver. It is just a Raymarine and was designed to be used on anything that floats. It sounds like "ryley" has seen better performance and it may be his better wind sensor. I just had the sto
  8. Congrats Roleur! Yours were the first names that came to mind when I heard about this.
  9. This thread is starting to come around. Could you post a photo of Amati's tiller? I was telling someone about it and couldn't find a photo.
  10. I also have a B&G 5000 system. I've hit a plateau in my own ability to calibrate it and the local gurus only want to work on the high-end race boat$. Solo, any suggestions?
  11. Compared to Ray's stock Q47 drive, the Pelagic is a bit noisier, takes a few more electrons, but is way stronger. I bought one of Brian's prototype drives years ago and it still works fine - I use it as a backup cockpit drive on my 38' Alerion (12,400#). The only issue is initial calibration. The Ray drive is wimpy enough that you can push the piston in and out by hand, which helps for centering the helm when calibrating. You have to move the Pelagic with the controller buttons and I recall this giving me some trouble until I figured it out. For Hawaii, one Pelagic drive took the
  12. Yes. Over the years with the J/92 I went from an ST2000+ to ST4000 to S1G (w/rate gyro) to something in between I don't remember to EV1 w/Ray drive to EV1 w/Pelagic drive. Got better each time. Steering to apparent wind was good enough to sleep under spinnaker. "Raymarine calibration" is an oxymoron so I was never able to have it steer to true wind.
  13. https://jibeset.net/show.php?RR=YRA_T006911464&DOC=fh&TYP=html In the series that ended on Sunday, I count 30 co-ed doublehanded teams. One cool thing is that many are couples. I also see some women-only teams and some father-son or father-daughter teams. We have a long way to go but I believe we're trending in the right direction. Write less, race more?
  14. Not sure what it means that I'm quoting Hamlet twice in four days - but (thou) "doth protest too much, methinks."
  15. I see the local race entries/results and I know better. We have some truly active solo and doublehanded participants who race Cal 20s, Santana 22s and other older, affordable boats. I'm reading between the lines that you've been hesitant to commit the necessary resources to be even modestly competitive. Please don't dump on the rest of us because of this. We're having fun out there.
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