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  1. Go big or go home - I think Kyle is setting up for FTF.
  2. ...or you can have a red one, asking $125k: https://swiftsureyachts.com/cloud-perry-far-harbour-39/
  3. It turned out well. After 18 years with Flag Blue topsides (on two different boats), I'm very happy with the fresh look!
  4. Ask Klitza - I think it was Rocket 88 who set it.
  5. They got "luckier" on the brutal second leg, which was mostly upwind in a light southerly: Coastal Cup Results
  6. You know what George? That's an impressive sailing resume. I'll give you an upvote for that. Good luck with the J/100, and with hopefully bringing your online persona in line with your on-the-water persona.
  7. ...which has nothing to do with Snowden's question. You being a dick on here is because the government of the UK oppressed you? Really? Back to the issue: If you were such a great guy 18 years ago, what happened? Your current "results" are a -135 (and another -640 as akaGP) to Snowden's +344. By Elvstrom's oft-quoted standard, what you used to be able to do on the water doesn't mean anything. As to your suggestions about me, you're just fishing and I'm not taking the bait.
  8. Nope, sorry - I don't feed trolls. And who said anything about being from the UK? That's one of the other guys you've been attacking. Try to keep up George.
  9. I wouldn't call a local PHRF series in 2007 a major regatta but in his mind it is, hence the "THIS IS ME!" post above. That's the best he's got or believe me, he would have told us about it. Repeatedly. In CAPS. By trying to convince us he's Dennis Conner, he's really trying to convince himself. It's a pity to build your whole self esteem around winning a wrist watch in PHRF. Responding to his "show me your results" demands would only lead to his protracted picking at the legitimacy of our responses. I'm not taking that bait. The type of racing I do and where I have to do it would
  10. Nah, you're just baiting me. How about you posting something positive and helpful about the boat? My up-vote awaits.
  11. There you go again - you really should get some help with those mental captivations.
  12. "I already occupy the high moral ground..." HA HA HA HA - that's rich. So let's see, I've got a plus 110 and you've got a minus 96, and you're still digging.
  13. Reading comprehension George: It's not the downvoting that makes me happy; it's annoying you that makes me happy. In your blowhard way, you claim to be gaining some knowledge about the J/100. I don't downvote useful stuff so let's have some of that content, instead of having to read about your pre-occupation with limp dicks and turds. I might even suffer you with an upvote.
  14. Nah, I post whenever I want. I pop in here once in a while to downvote your crap because it annoys you, and that makes me happy.
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