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  1. Nice - light air flyer - consistently fast but always loaded with a gun crew, like any good boat they always attract the talent. A lotta fun left in that boat!
  2. So only 40 out of 88 completed the course. Wow.
  3. It was streamed live on the CYCA TV Youtube channel...
  4. Looks like BJ will have the two following and catching as they turn with pressure… will be luck to see how far they carry it before the 1am shutdown!
  5. BJ must have damage - they're crawling at 4-6kn
  6. Scally faster now but as the pressure drops you’d expect BJ to continue motoring.! Well that’s where my money is
  7. I work with Murray who's the skipper on GunRunner. ETC is 2nd Jan... on the nose for a few days isnt much fun in a 33 footer!
  8. All this crazy tonight and come bass straight they will need to be steering around massive holes of almost zero wind. Hobart never ceases to provide excitement!
  9. Yeah thats 5nm the wrong way now... Eora the DH leader also has dropped out. The upwind slog vs current has really taken its toll and it's only 10:30pm... a long night to go.
  10. Nasty and then the wind swings north on day 2 and 3 for the medium/small boats to charge up the ladder. 40 footers to kill it in 21
  11. The irony is the 72hour rule... some boats may take 4 or 5 days...
  12. This thread has lost the plot! Massive sag - needs to crank that jib halyard. Main looks down too far. Let off the vang, twist it off and bring up that traveller!
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