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  1. Crikey fool you really are off in doolally this thread relates to those that are competing in the Olympics that have AC credentials Giles Pete and Blair are the only AC crew that have a shot at a Olympic medal none of who you have listed qualify and last time I had a beer at the RNZYS the Cup was present too.
  2. Truth that be known Fourhimself outbid himself at the house auction after remonstrating with the auctioneer that he had to have the final word given the incoherent displays of petulant ill informed one eyed ranting he monotonously posts here.
  3. Sounds tight as a ducks arse. “RNZYS and ETNZ have a contract under which Emirates Team New Zealand are responsible for all aspects of the 37th America’s Cup Defence, which includes funding and organisation,” said commodore Aaron Young. “While the preference of both RNZYS and ETNZ would be to hold the next America’s Cup in New Zealand it cannot compromise the structure of Emirates Team New Zealand or risk the success of their future campaign and we are in complete alignment on this,” said Young in the joint statement. Dunphy needs to bend a knee in front of Lord Dalton the squadron
  4. Be interesting to see what Mark Dunphy is proposing. America's Cup: Kiwi rich-lister Mark Dunphy at helm of move to keep next Cup in Auckland https://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/news/article.cfm?c_id=4&objectid=12461430
  5. Something not quite right to the eye about that cabin trunk and port lights
  6. Crikey Sail that development doesn't look too far above MHWS. Separate issue who do you use as a power and internet provider.
  7. The NZRFU has never occupied the high moral ground acquiescing to the apartheid state of South Africa to not sending coloured players Maoris being the local indigenous peoples of Aotearoa to compete in matches moving on to hosting the 1981 tour that tore the country apart what’s changed bedding with one of the worlds top industrial polluters.
  8. Casper =Dog tucker me thinks, as for NYYC and S+S what a farking larf. Dalton and his Dandies has turned a pissing match between billionaires into a terrifying fiscal tsunami try selling that to anybody Covid or no Covid.
  9. As an aside to the Dumbasses Leo with the Tally Ho rebuild raised the ire of his TLA which deemed his You Tube endeavours to be a commercial activity in a residential area which resulted in him having to relocate.
  10. And plumbed new depths of public support and interest post 2021 here in the home of the AC but not for too much longer or evermore...
  11. Maybe you poke your head out of that Bimini flap to gain some forward vision whilst standing on the aft cockpit seat.
  12. That cockpit is sized for Leprechauns. The whole pilot house set up is so hard to get right and sadly like Elliott Hill hasn’t nailed it here either. Roger however does a very decent power cat.
  13. Crikey Sail small world ain’t it we will have to do a beer and blah-de-blah at the Mangawhai Tavern.
  14. Mako whilst there is some truth in what you say regarding our sheep shagging reputation remember he that lieth down with dogs like the baby bombing Emirates shall rise up with fleas. Daltons Dandies that pushed the mantra of ‘if we cut ourselves we bleed Kiwi’ is no longer relevant more like ‘he who has the most dollars wins’ which is counter cultural to what TNZ stood for. Affordable and accessible was the TNZ sales and marketing for AC36 what it produced was the most expensive AC class of all time and no future local fan access apart from those sheep shaggers that are living offsho
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