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  1. Patrizio Bertelli has two 12m yachts. Nyala US-12 and Kookaburra II KA-12. Nyala built in 1938 the 12th 12m built in the USA. F.T. Bedford commissioned the 12 meter Nyala as a gift for Briggs Cunningham and his daughter Lucie when they married. In 1931 Cunningham was a crew member aboard the Dorade when it won the race around the Fastnet Rock In 1937 he was a member of the crew for Harold Stirling Vanderbilt on his yacht Vim. Cunningham bought the schooner Brilliant from the Coast Guard after WWII, and modified it in an attempt to increase its speed. In 1953 he do
  2. Kris left the ports in on the sides of the cabin trunk and just packed the runner cleat to suit.
  3. KZ3. Keel would not be original from 1987 as they have had a few since then. KZ7.
  4. Here’s my 10cents worth as a Kiwi tax and ratepayer that is subsidising TNZ. The AC has always been a design race not a one design race take away that aspect and you might as well go watch Etchells crawl around a course. What piques my interest in the event is the design evolution and technological progression hopefully the AC75 gets a reasonably established lifespan that continues to pique the interest of billionaires.
  5. The only redeeming factor of the 2007 loss was no Wussell the Rat.
  6. A E Luders 44 built by Henry R. Hinckley Company as Manset Boat Yard - U.S. Naval Academy Yawl at Sea Trials. https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/luders-44
  7. Couldn’t open the front cover for many moons far too traumatised.
  8. Our last boat had teak decks which were 30 years old at least never leaked were easily maintained sure the odd bung here or there and some occasional Sika compound washed frequently by saltwater by way of sailing a joy to walk on both wet or dry no complaints and being a sprung deck aesthetically gazing forward whilst perched on the pulpit pretty damn stunning. Teak was high grade Burmese 1/2 inch quarter sawn laid on plywood glued and screwed not something that one would or could afford to attempt today given the scarcity cost of the timber politics and sustainability issues etc .
  9. The Waione sadly has been shed bound for many moons somebody else's story to tell not mine. Was Mai Tai originally rigged as yawl like this Hinkley build was.
  10. Nice lines your boat has Lane and that counter stern sure brings back a flood of boyhood memories looking at your NZ sail number 284 our last yacht was 283. Boat on the right Waione Chas Bailey 1907 was the family yacht when I was a boy .
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