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  1. Yup, country side of the causeway been here a couple of months not missing getting gouged for both a berth in Westhaven and hardstand fees.
  2. True Sail here on the ranch things do dry quickly however tanks are full and seeing I am saving the planet in my Tessie I’m not feeling guilty running my mowers.
  3. Hah, there is a private members saloon in the RNZYS where some of the countries greatest legal weight and industry heavy hitters are seeing out their dottage each have personalized bottles of their preferred drop served on request well before the yard arm is raised. The chances of a internal legal stoush is slim to say the least.
  4. Crikey so the RNZYS whose membership includes some of the wealthiest Kiwis is seeking a social welfare hand out to participate in a pissing match between Billionaires. Reminds me of how the GOP viewed bailing out the too big to fail conglomerates as socialism.
  5. Crikey how hard is to get a cabin trunk right. Obviously for Spirit increasingly difficult…
  6. Lord Dalton projects a gruff take no prisoners macho man persona whilst Peter was more affable and less confrontational in public but both men achieved remarkable successes however Lord Dalton ain't finished yet and another win if you can call it that will place him way beyond the pearly heights that Peter scaled and I personally believe his sole focus is to lay to rest the demon he carries as Peters understudy.
  7. Try declaring terra nullius today with all the social media.
  8. At least the Hawaiians weren’t forcibly removed by the Americans with no recognition or right to return like the Chagos Islanders the original inhabitants if Diego Garcia.
  9. Looks very International 8 Metre-ish. https://tayloryachtdesigns.com/designs/8m-pleione/
  10. In reality it is not a hull anymore it's a fuselage.
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