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  1. But who’ll repay that loan? The M11 owners? The association? Via fees paid by M9 owners and the rest of the fleet? Who gets rooted up the bum without the courtesy of a reach around?
  2. No doubt, but does Mercedes ever build a new F1 car with the aim to be “the same as last season?” Or how about Red Bull? “We didn’t win last year, so this year we’re going to try changing nothing. That’ll fix her!” Did Sir Ben build an AC75 team with the aim of being the same speed as the other teams? So the association wanted to create a new (costly) mould and then convinced a bunch of people to spend good money building new boats to go the same speed they’re already going. It’s systemic, bureaucratic bullshit to deny you wanted to go faster and in this case it starts with the
  3. Flip the logic - would you deliberately build a new mould (and subsequent boats) to be slower? In a one design class? What’s a new Etchell worth? I’m guessing (just guessing) it’s north of $100k. So how do you convince pro (or top flight amateur) sailors to spend that much cash on a new, slower boat? If you can do that, my friend... I’ll buy that bridge you’re selling.
  4. We’ve just been given a real world example. The real world Livia is charming, verbose and very good at what he does. A genuine expert in his field. Knowledgeable and well respected. The Sailing Anarchy Livia rages against the machine and agrees on many points with LB15. So which Livia penned this post? The mould 9 version or the mould 11 version? “But!” I hear you cry... “are they not the same Livia?”
  5. So I should NOT buy the 2000 Pacesetter? Is it an EtchelK or an EtchelM?
  6. I took our Tesla M3 on a 500mi road trip. With a 3 year old and a 7 year old in the back a 45 minute stop to let the little demon spawn go apeshit in a playground was a must. The car just gave me an excuse to stop.
  7. I’m curious about the participation rates of Australian Sailing itself. How many of the listed staff race regularly? Or indeed... can sail at all?
  8. There’s a special place in hell for people who do that....
  9. So this one doesn’t sink without a trace... 13 years is a pretty hefty sentence?
  10. Good God, I hope you’re being sarcastic. A fantastic application of my tax payer dollar would be upgrading our local schools, hospital or the local Morris Dancing studio. Enrich my life that way. And this may be the first post in this thread that isn’t specifically targeted at Australian Sailing or the AST. But I have an issue with using tax payer dollars to send guys like Nathan Outteridge to the Olympics so that they can then translate that into America’s Cup rides where they get paid significantly better than a living wage, without ever returning those Au
  11. The sponsors and patrons? Or the government?
  12. Goldcoast 2020 - cancelled. Hobart 2020 - cancelled. Goldcoast 2021 - as good as cancelled. Go team!
  13. Which isn’t going to be any time in the next month for Sydney. So the email is a pointless “hurry up and wait” exercise for someone.
  14. I also got an interesting email from Australian Sailing today telling me which yacht clubs in Sydney I can gather at to watch some Olympic sailing. Which would be great. If we weren’t in a fucking lockdown. And those clubs weren’t closed.
  15. You’ve got it all backwards - imagine a program where your minimum pro quota is 50% ? Free hotel rooms and flights for all! Just don’t ask me who delivers the boat home...
  16. I thought it was “Roger the Cabin Boy?” At least, he said his name was Roger....
  17. It was sold to South Aus I believe...
  18. https://www.boatsales.com.au/boats/details/2005-volvo-70/SSE-AD-6383342/?Cr=0
  19. But there’s a couple of wimmen? Or are they sheilas?
  20. I recall that someone converted one of the last IMS maxis a decade or so ago into a pilot house motor yacht. I think it was one of the S&S boats, but you could buy this hull for $10k and spend $2 million to get a $500,000 boat?
  21. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/calga/sail-boats/nicorette-yacht-2000-winner-sydney-hobart-race-25m-80-ft-hull-shell/1275582590 One careful owner??
  22. Could they not all just meet behind the bike sheds after school? ”You’re a cunt!” ”No, YOU’RE a cunt!” ”Fiiiiiiiiiight!!!!”
  23. It’s played.... check the front page.
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