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  1. That’s how I read it. And after the Hobart you can take off your spare main (what??) and extra kite.
  2. $5 says Aus Sail’s Tasmanian connection sent the link to this forum to head office.
  3. It’s actually ok. By using “there” and not “their” in the NOR the good folks at A/S have left ample room and opportunity for a competitor to protest or litigate their way to a Championship.
  4. 10 rums???? Lightweight... The Talk It Up Cup entries don’t start until after the 12th or 13th rum.
  5. I’m kicking this bad boy off today. I’ve had good success with potato bread (it’s my #1 go to if people are coming around), and my wood fired pizza oven adds a great crust to even plain white loaves. But all this starter talk makes me want to add a sourdough to my rotation. Ingredients 2 cups of millet or whole wheat flour 2 cups of grapes (rinsed) 2 cups of tepid water Cheesecloth Step 1 Rinse grapes and tie into a cheesecloth pouch. Smash them in a bowl. Drain, add water, mix in flour and cover the grapes with the mixture. Cover the bowl, leave in a warm
  6. Arrr, back in the day when men were men and cabin boys were scared! At least you had some freeboard left - when we did those speeds on the old Witchdoctor it was like we’d sailed the boat into a tunnel. And you needed someone on the other side of the tiller ready to push against you when she got squirrelly. Which was all the time.
  7. Do Gladstone hookers take their teeth out, or leave them in? Asking for a friend (paging LB15...).
  8. “Look honey, just try it. You’ll love it once we get started...”
  9. No rock stars here. PIL and I are just club level sailors. Handsome ones. With large penises. But just club level sailors.
  10. Well, that’s two crew... what’s Couta up to? Can he make coffee?
  11. If I’m going to Hobart on Voodoo I’m taking you down with me!
  12. Don’t out me, ya son of a bitch!!!
  13. I’m guessing her power winches don’t hurt on this super long downwind....
  14. No offence taken. The guy trimming the main on was not in 1st gear... If they’d been a boat length forward and a touch faster all those guys to windward would have been locked out and going round again.
  15. Nope - owner driving. Sibby is a tough one, and she does a bit to speak out against violence against women.
  16. Isn’t Envy at 1.398 against Ichi’s 1.397 ?
  17. Valid or not, when my customers do something that annoys me I don’t refer to them as my “fucking customers.” And if I happened to have a TV camera perched on my shoulder as part of a national telecast, I absolutely would not be smack talking them.
  18. Oh, I’m sorry - were you speaking? All I heard was “ blah blah another Wild Oats fanboy blah blah.”
  19. Classic Richo. “We're going to have to put some etiquette rules in the Palm Beach fucking owner’s book.” Hmmm, where do I line up to buy a million dollar boat from THAT guy?
  20. Well, they are in the business of making money. I don’t think anyone starts a business to lose money - unless you’re in the middle of a nasty divorce and need to hide some cash? If you’re buying sailing gear for 30-40% less you’re not getting the same quality - you’re either going to a distinct tier 2 apparel supplier, catching a sale from a tier 1 supplier or you’re getting the next level of gear down from a Musto/Zhik etc. Prices for current release gear in the sailing apparel industry are surprisingly level. There are (and have always been) outliers like Slam, but when your zips f
  21. Zhik AUS is actually the manufacturer/importer, and distributes to the Pacific rim from Sydney. They do make sure that their pricing is in line with what the other brands are selling for, but the reality is that as an Australian company their global ops and design team is in Sydney and those wages are carried here. The reason that those retailers won’t do much discounting is that they’re traditional bricks and mortar chandleries with big overheads in rent, electricity and staff wages (and a poor online presence). The retailers who have a strong online presence (and there are two in
  22. How on earth does Ichi Ban rate one pip lower than their old boat (Envy) ??
  23. Bwahahahaha - you’re aware of Australia Post’s reputation aren’t you? If you send a Christmas card tomorrow it’ll be lucky to get there by Easter (2023).
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