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  1. Sydney to Hobart 1998 - my second Hobart at age 19 on an alloy boat that was nearly as old as I was.


    Everywhere a winch or deck fitting was attached pissed in water. The skipper had decided that the authorities didn’t need another 12 souls in a life raft, so aimed us north(ish). We were 80 miles into the Strait, but 100 miles offshore.

    Waves so big they terrified me, and the scream of 80 knots of wind... I could not go on deck. Even if it was freezing down below, raining through the deck fittings and the walls ran with condensation while guys with 10,000 more sea miles than me puked their hearts out. And free floating in a bunk as the boat falls for what seems like forever off another mammoth wave, wondering (even praying) if this bang will be the last bang. Fuck going on deck.


    The sea state was too heinous for us to enter Merimbula or Eden, so we just kept going north. We ended up in Ulladulla at 10pm and I was on a 6am bus out of there. I just... could not comprehend that in the sport I loved we’d lost boats and people I knew. It was cowardly, but fuck... when I got home I burst into tears in front of my brand new girlfriend. I still consider myself lucky as one of our other mates who was also in the race ended up taking his own life.

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  2. 7 hours ago, TUBBY said:

    C'mon Jas,  you're now older than the mutton you used to get around with was.

    I reckon it's your number getting blocked these days!

    Probably! It’s amazing how far you get with the phrase “A beautiful young lady like you deserves better than him.”


  3. 5 minutes ago, jack_sparrow said:

    She was dinner and yes I had to pay first. 

    I’m not surprised you had to pay up front. Lamb is bloody expensive!


    Mutton more so. What, with having to block her number afterwards, the antibiotics and the awkward trying to avoid her in the club during twilight season...

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  4. 1 hour ago, LB 15 said:

    Shhhh. He is on a roll. It seems from Jacks ever increasing tally, the Morrison government is kidnapping Australians and secretly flying them overseas to wait in line to come back. If this goes on for another year there will be 25 million Aussies stranded at Heathrow and only 40 000 living here. I have no idea why the PM would do this, but he did light all those bush fires this time last year. 

    Because ScoMo is a cunt? He’s “stopped the boats” once before, so he’s clearly weaponised coronavirus, forcing a lock down of the northern beaches and all in a thinly veiled attempt to stop the Sydney Hobart race.

    He’s just a boat hating bastard!

    At least Turnbull sails!!!

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  5. 12 hours ago, The Dark Knight said:

    The Inglis 47 Dolce (ex Vendetta) is back up for sale for an eye watering $275k

    I think it was in the low $100's when it was last listed








    Well, that Bimini is a new addition and absolutely justifies the $175k price increase.

    Old mate must be smoking crack if he thinks the boat is worth that kind of coin. Or perhaps the drug habit is why he needs so much money...

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  6. 14 hours ago, TUBBY said:

    Yep,  one of the toughest jobs is getting the bigger kites down when they are approaching their limits on the first couple of days of a race.

    Everyone wants to go FAST, NOW.

    Nobody is thinking that this might back off in a couple of days & the big kite will make a much bigger difference in the light stuff later than it does now.

    That's why boats carry blokes with grey hair,  we have done the wrong thing enough times to finally learn!

    Yeah, I’ve been the young punk who got to drive for hours on end because I didn’t have existing shoulder injuries caused by tennis, home renovation or shagging the fat housewife next door. That time on the wheel was usual followed by “Right Junior. Fuck off up the front and get that kite down. And mind you turn the kettle on FIRST. Little prick that you are.”


    I’ve also been the bloke who has counseled that 3 broaches in ten minutes “is fucking stupid, and we should get the bag off now before Billy destroys another one... AND we’re only off bloody Botany. Bloody Billy.”

    Grey hairs have been ordered, but Australia Post has fucked up the delivery.

  7. On 10/1/2020 at 7:57 PM, astro said:

    Nice, impressive story mate.

    I have done a bit of blue water racing, it bores the fuck out of me.  So many ocean racers fail when it comes to around the cans one-design stuff.  They don't get it.  That's why a lot of ocean racing skippers really value dinghy sailors as trimmers or even on the helm for waves.

    The only part I like about ocean racing is the sheer pleasure of coming off watch and crashing in the clothes I had on into the hot bunk.  Fucking best sleep  have I ever had.  It's called the doing the Black Snake, going the bed with your clothes on.  Doing 'The Tiapan' is when you still have your boots as well.  I have done that.  One race most of the crew and the skipper were incapacitated with the sickness, did a double watch on a rough night, the sleep was so awesome, boots on.

    The rest you can have.

    I have done a bit of round the cans racing, it bores the fuck out of me. At least when ocean racing you end up in a destination, instead of triangle, sausage, triangle, dodge the ferry and try to get the kite down quickly as the finish boat is hard up against the shore.

    So many buoy racers fail when it comes to around the ocean stuff. They don't know when to button off, blow up all the big chutes and end up sailing DDW with a jib, bitching about how uninspiring ocean racing is...

    The rest you can have.

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  8. On 10/29/2020 at 10:57 AM, DickDastardly said:

    Once upon a time 34 was a good mid size for offshore.  Age has caught up with you Jason!!


    What? I can’t hear you! Speak up, you young Snap Her, Whip Her!

  9. 6 hours at 150 degrees, and we’re done.

    I could have gone lower and slower, but starting at 6am saw me serving up just as our mates arrived.


    The Old Bay was an interesting call. The celery salt was what came through most heavily, but the garlic and BBQ sauce helped to moderate that. Next time, we’ll try straight salt and pepper.


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  10. 5 hours ago, Grande Mastere Dreade said:

    i would consider  Franklin,  the God of bbq in texas..    this guy knows his stuff, people line up around blocks to get in line to buy his product..   


    He’s the man. No doubt.

    Assuming a p.o.c. like me is ever let back into the states under DJ Trump (yeah yeah, I’m taking it to PA) it’s on my bucket list. My wife lived in Sugarland before we met, and at some point... I’m going to Texas.

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