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  1. We’re not on speaking terms. Not since I mocked her husband for preferring his meat cut off the bone. Anyone who does that to a crumbed lamb chop has no place in my life.
  2. Now... ordinarily I’d use my own rub (paprika, herbs, garlic powder, salt and pepper) when I’m cooking a brisket. 8 hours at 220 Fahrenheit and it’s a beautiful thing. BUT... I also have a large tub of Old Bay on hand. If I just used that instead, is it going to be ok or should the rest of the village stone me to death? It goes on the BBQ 24 hours from now, so..... begin.
  3. Rubbish. I’ve seen you knocking down a “blood of Christ” or two in the club bar...
  4. I drink Cabernet when you’ve drunk all the Shiraz! And never forget... friends don’t let friends drink rose.
  5. And a choice of Shiraz or Cabernet to accompany the Beef Wellington?
  6. PM Pil. I think he’s been through this scenario before.
  7. The decision that always confused me was awarding Glenn Ashby the Australian Sailing male sailor of the year award for winning the America’s Cup. While sailing for New Zealand. Am I the only person who thought that the voting panel missed the target on that one?
  8. Is that based on the fact that they’re advertising for a Ratings Manager? I’m half tempted to apply, but they’ve asked for a relevant tertiary qualification... which would have to be a qualified Naval Architect? Oh, and when you mention having an Employee Assistance Program as a “benefit,” it makes me wonder what the hell goes on there.
  9. I’m ranging negative? Sounds like I need another beer then, cobber!
  10. Would that then constitute outside assistance and open up a whole new can of worms?
  11. I’ll drink the Kool Aid if someone can clarify exactly what’s going on. If I’ve interpreted it correctly Sir Joh has risen from the dead, is running for a board seat at RQYS and has been having an affair with Peter Beattie?
  12. You bastard. I’ve now got WeetBix all over my screen.
  13. Are you going to change the “interests” on your profile? That is... seriously nice.
  14. IIRC before the Magic 25’s were recognised as a class they held an “Intergalactics” rather than a Nationals so they could do what they wanted the way they wanted to. Self governing.... by the sailors, for the sailors?
  15. But... but.... who’s going to mix my espresso martini’s? I’m not making my own.
  16. Correct. Apparently the start date and “no more than 10 crew” rule was agreed on by a group of the Commodores from major Sydney and Pittwater clubs. The Catholic Youth Club at Rushcutter’s Bay have announced that anyone breaking the crew limit will be disqualified and face sanctions from the club’s disciplinary committee. They’re not f*cking around.
  17. Wharro had a white 70 footer designed by Murray, Burns & Dovell back in the late 90’s / early 00’s that used a spare rig from an IACC boat. If memory serves, the rig came from Spirit. He then put that boat into the shed, lengthened it to 80 feet and painted it fluro green. I can’t recall if the water ballast was part of the original build or the rebuild. The boat was later sold to David Dicker (current owner of the Dovell 50 canting keel harbour racer Atomic). He renamed her Martingale and went automation crazy so you’d see this 80 footer tearing around Sydney Harbo
  18. I’ll take high side rail meat in shorts over low side railmeat in two sets of thermals, boots, bear suit, fleece jacket, hand warmers, hot water bottle, scarf, ski gloves and Nana’s tea cosy. Those 2 am watches are bollocks!
  19. But plans to move the Sydney to Gold Coast race to October could be a winner. Going north at that time of year sounds very bloody pleasant!
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