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  1. Gimme a #2, a 4, a #5 and a 6... eh, fuck it - I’ll have one of everything on the menu!
  2. Jason AUS


    The gin, the whole gin and nothing but the gin so help you God?
  3. Fellas, could we maybe compromise, crack a beer, agree that everyone’s a bastard and leave it there? Not that watching you two go at it isn’t fun, but isn’t this thread meant to be about Shaggy and LB 15 doing their best to wind up Glennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn from Australian Sailing?
  4. I’m waiting on Lydia to sell me his boat. I think we’d agreed on a 2022 sale. If the border isn’t open by then...
  5. Well, you’ve closed the bloody border! So my retirement plan is fucked. The bloody tenant can probably claim Squatter’s rights....
  6. I’d asked for a case of Stark and Dormy and a case of Gin & Tonic. The G&T’s were all gone... what does that say about the demographic of the membership?
  7. And we're selling off the booze inventory to members. I’m cherishing my CYCA membership this month. It’s clear, decisive and timely action by the board.
  8. Sincerely - that is bloody awesome. Thank you.
  9. Well, given that when I messaged them (asking politely) a number of souls (including the Ed and Bob Perry) went looking and drew a blank you appear to have bested them all. Bravo sir. I say appear, as hard evidence is yet to be forthcoming. Until then, sir... you are Trumpian in your triumph. But build ye wall, proveth me wrong and I’ll be downright humble and sincere in my thanks.
  10. Nothing if you’re going to be a dick about it.
  11. Valid. But you can’t be too careful round these parts. How on earth did you find the images? They seriously seemed lost forever?
  12. Yep, whoever let that video get out... that’s lesson #1.
  13. I shouldn’t have to ask, but this is Sailing Anarchy.... what are the photos of? I’m not interested if they’re nude photos of Mr. Clean. I’ve already got those.
  14. Turning Tide. It’s a French movie about an IMOCA60 racer who stops to make a repair and discovers he has a stowaway on board. The sailing scenes are actually quite good.
  15. Mitch Booth is a Group 1 sailor??
  16. If only the original Tiger threads hadn’t been archived...
  17. Yep, pretty sure that is the ex Magna Data / Xena / Grundig / AAPT. Sean Langman’s old Boat, which became Gusto 2. But.... why would you do that???
  18. My old mate on the day he came home 12 years ago, and on Wednesday right before I took him to the vet for his final journey. He was the goodest of good boys.
  19. Fair warning... https://www.reddit.com/r/choosingbeggars I’m a single mother with two kids, and I promised my son this photo for his birthday. I can’t afford $100 but told my son you’d give him the photo. Now he’s crying because you want payment. You’re a monster! So... can you deliver the photo to my house, with a 60 inch plasma TV because you made my child cry.
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