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  1. And wasn’t the canting keel manually powered?
  2. He doesn’t need sock puppets... Sock puppets are for people who care what other people think. Or who want to hide. LB15 is neither of those things.
  3. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/auction-2470997443.htm Or... the mighty Prowler is back on the market. I looked after her for a piece when Joe bought her to Sydney back in the late 90’s and she’s still one of my favourites.
  4. An even worse arms race than currently exists?
  5. He was also pretty instrumental in getting Bumblebee (Jim’s other boat) off the beach in one piece, rather than in several small ones but there’s no reason he can’t be there as simply an “interested party / owner’s rep.” How many really good marine surveyors are there with knowledge of a yacht that big and complex? Sven spent a lot of years in the Oats camp, so he’s got experience across more than just the big Indian. Plus - he’s a genuinely nice guy to boot.
  6. Assess Marine has a a photo on Instagram of Comanche being lifted with the title “survey underway.”
  7. Knuckles has done half a dozen or so Hobarts....
  8. Copied from an article in The Guardian today on Alan Jones... the last bloke you’d want going in to bat for you? “On 25 February, in the lead-up to the March state election, Jones wrote to Ayres asking him to support grants for Australian Sailing for its new training and administration centre at Neutral Bay on Sydney harbour. The exchange demonstrates how Jones uses his influence to smooth troubled waters. “Happy New Year. I don’t think we’ve spoken … I’m sure you know this is our most successful Olympic sport,” Jones wrote to Ayres. “And yet this is an outfit that’s cash
  9. Yeah, right. I guess you’d sail it like a Tornado??
  10. Which crew list are you reading???? Rolex S2H site doesn’t list M. Booth on Comanche or Scallywagg?
  11. Yeah... it’s a total shitter. No pedigree at all... second across the line by two hours to a boat 7 foot longer.... overall IMS winner... in a heinous Hobart race that saw over 60% of the fleet retire... even allowing for the fucking brilliant crew Nigel had on board that year, the boat is clearly not worth mentioning.
  12. Knowing most of those guys pretty well, I’d give the Quest team the same odds of lodging a protest just to be dicks as I’d give to you in the same circumstance. Bob Steel is a gent of the old school. Just a lovely chap. I can’t speak for juries of a fictional nature (Crime or Sci-Fi?), but if you’re protesting guys like Kos and Rafa Trujilo you’d make sure that your i’s are dotted and t’s crossed.
  13. The guys on the protesting yacht are thoroughly professional and seasoned campaigners. They’re not in the habit of tossing out protests for frivolous causes, or to get bumped onto the podium. Especially given the equally high standard of crew on the yacht being protested... this protest is definitely not the result of a “Yo mama is so fat....” at mark V. Something happened. I’ll be interested to see the hearing minutes.
  14. Trying to pop the top batten on the main...
  15. Slam dunk is not originally a sailing term.... you ever seen any of them tall fellas what play with basketballs?
  16. What is the answer to life, the universe and everything in it?
  17. And with his wife Sam on board for her second race.
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