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  1. 3 hours ago, The Dark Knight said:

    11 bids, $10,000

    Well, that’s still comfortably under $80,000 then, isn’t it?


    On the old djuice we had a vacuum head. The lid would seal, the system would pressurise as you pumped and all the bad shit got literally blown out of the boat. It’s not the much desired electric head, but it’d be $10k worth of value right there!

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  2. On 7/12/2019 at 2:28 AM, Rasputin22 said:

    Now you went and did it! Makes me want to go commission my little bird and go soar. How did that motor run?

    The things you find on Anarchy... I’ve bought the missus and I a 1 hour glider lesson each for Christmas. So I go poking around Anarchy, search for “gliders” and now I suspect I’m going to turn this into a full on obsession.... thanks guys. Thanks a lot!! :D

  3. 3 hours ago, Flatbag said:

    Buy a fucking ad. Why would I want to pay $180 to stand on a boat loaded with half pissed Post Christmas bogans on Boxing Day when I can watch Ricco live, up close and personal for 2 hours on Channel 7 for bugger all?

    I’m coming to your place.... beer or rum?

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  4. 9 hours ago, bushsailor said:

    What happened to that elliott 50 that was auctioned off in Sydney last year?

    7 hours ago, Next Level said:

    It’s still in Sydney. I saw a post somewhere (maybe mysail looking for crew)


    Don’t mention the war. I think it’s short on sails as in the last SOPS race with 20 knots of breeze they chose to use the storm jib.


    It’s a real pity... anything Elliot has alway been as quick as you’ll let it be. Tie both hind legs together, and that dog don’t hunt.

  5. The waterfront drums are going off. The Koa guys have seriously stepped up and rather than repairing the TP52 have made an offer on Scallywagg 100.


    Scallywagg have exchanged on Comanche, and are waiting to settle before taking possession.


    When I made some calls to check the validity of these rumours, theparadoxofthrift called me a fucking idiot - so it must be true?

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    On 11/9/2019 at 6:12 PM, sumtingwong said:

    Lol.  Problem is as much as they piss me off somehow I've grown attached to them.  Except for that one asshole who shows up late, never responds to emails and gives me attitude.  But holy shit that fucker can get a kite down in any conditions.  Maybe it would be easier to just start a tennis team.

    1. Your boat, your rules. The guy who’s always late, doesn’t respond to emails and gives you attitude? “Where’s Jerry? Oh yeah, I cut him. He’s always late, doesn’t respond to emails and gives me attitude.”


    2. “New rule guys. It’s $10 per race, per person into the boat’s beer fund. Don’t like that idea? You guys work out a roster, and someone different brings a case each week. I’m not on the roster.”


    3. “Seeing as how I pay for travel costs, I’m importing this guy called Jason AUS from Sydney, Australia. I met him on Sailing Anarchy. He’s replacing Jerry.”


    Honestly, we do things differently down here. If you don’t ever offer to buy the owner a beer after racing, you may be a cunt. If you never group together to buy the owner dinner, you may be a pack of cunts.


    I’d also expect to replace a winch handle if I lost one, organise food for long races (with costs split amongst everyone EXCEPT the owner and an extra $20 a head to chip in for boat gas and a bottle or two of rum), plus pay for my own accomodation and travel. In 25 years I’ve been on two boats where I haven’t had to pay, and I still made sure I was at least organising a post race dinner venue, making a meal or contributing somehow. And I was VERY polite to both owners. ALL the time. They’re funding my hobby.


    In fact, last weekend I was an invited guest for a short race and the navigator wanted to argue with the owner about him choosing the number 4 jib. I didn’t mind telling the sailing master I thought that was poor form. “His boat, his bills, his choice. If he wants the storm jib in 15 knots, you don’t argue. You do.”

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  7. 35 minutes ago, jackolantern said:

    That is unbelievably bad. Wow. What the fuck, blow the kite halyard buddy. 

    edit: based on the fact that the kite looked properly letterboxed before things went sideways looks like maybe a halyard lock malfunction. In which case seems like a case study on needing to keep up on your maintenance. 

    couta, were you in charge of lock maintenance?

    That kite was properly under control before the gybe. Not coming down, but in control. Whoever called the gybe instead of heading up should be eased from the program.


    Heating up may have caused the same result, but you have more runway to solve the problem. That gybe removed options A through Q and leaves you with R - Run Aground.

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  8. 14 hours ago, Gorn FRANTIC!! said:



    That’ll be easy to get out.


    Take your chainsaw, cut a hole in the deck around the mast, remove as one piece. Then cut the bottom 10 foot off the rig - the chainsaw is running anyway.


    Which raises the question. If you’re going to rebuild the bottom of the rig... do you sleeve at deck level? The break looks higher. So under the gooseneck?

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  9. 2 hours ago, terrafirma said:

    Yeah was it caused by slamming or something else? I thought they were going downwind at the time? But I'm not sure? 24 Hour shifts coming up at Macca's for the "A" Team..! 

    Look at the start video from the CY’s FaceSpace page. Going out through the sound on starboard gybe they dragged the end of the boom in the water. Not for too long, but.... at speed.


    Do that a couple of times in a nasty cross sea in 30 knots of air and at 25+ knots boatspeed, throw in a lay down or two and I can see that big ass rig wanting to go left while the hull and keel argue seriously to go right instead.


    I think they’re lucky that the boom drag didn’t convince the gooseneck that it didn’t have to put up with this shit, and the spar didn’t exit the program altogether. That’s a goddamned long boom, loads of sail area and a (metric) shitload of twisting force.

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