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  1. Lil Murray… Yes, that was a bizarre sub-plot without any sort of conclusion.
  2. +1 As in, I agree with you George. Not as in we need x +1 keels. Three is already too many.
  3. Great! And the stability index? Will it qualify for the big races? You keep omitting to answer that question.
  4. You are right: You are definitely not Corporate Communications. On so many levels.
  5. https://seascape-edition.com/stories/f36-interview-series-luka-stepan-9062 The thing they are proudest of seems to be the bathroom.
  6. Newport to Bermuda. Transpac. Both require Capsize screen of 115 minimum. Unmodified deep keel 36.7 is around 112.
  7. Well a tiller wasn’t an option in the US, ever. So your market research on that is badly flawed. Give me a simple tiller and minus the 60kg right there. Can I have a single rudder too? And can you put the 100kg of the 140kg or whatever we just pulled out of the stern into the keel? And yes, I am absolutely a very credible sales prospect. J/105s - the most sought after boats are the ones with tillers. By all means let buyers cruisy them up with options. But don’t force everyone to the lowest common denominator.
  8. Those ballast specs are pretty light. Lighter than the 36.7 which is a pretty tender boat and needs rail meat. The stability index on the 36.7 is a problem - doesn’t qualify for many events. This new boat doesn’t have a carbon stick, does it? Or water ballast? So the hull form is enough to get it above the magic stability index numbers? Or is this just an inshore racer?
  9. I need to replace a worn out and pitted Jefa bearing housing from a 36.7. Its an aluminum donut glassed inside the bottom of the rudder tube. And for clarity - i’m talking about the bit the bearing ball slips into, not just servicing the bearings. Any tips on the approach and methodology would be appreciated. For example, I could very easily (i think) cut the whole rudder tube out from the inside of the boat and the bearing housing might come with it, and I could then just sacrifice 4” off the bottom end and reglass the new bearing housing back into the boat. Or I could attempt someth
  10. Do you mean a D1-13 which is paired with a 130S saildrive?
  11. It doesn’t work. The server gives me some sort of “this requires a <xyz> transducer. Changes to this field will not be factored into any calculations” error. I always assumed - since we had bought the top line wind wand and hpc compass that it was simply broken functionality… seems I maybe didn’t get the latest and greatest even thought the whole systen was new less than a year before Nexus was discontinued by Garmin.
  12. Are those hard to read numbers any easier to read on the H5000 graphic display? It has a slightly bigger screen than the T2, correct?
  13. Thank you all for your input. With this help, and that from a very helpful soul who PMed me on the topic, we have discovered that the correction tables in the Race software are not working for me for some reason. But they also don’t open - they give an error. I have an nWind v1.1 running at the masthead, but that needs new bearings anyway… is there a later version, can it be upgraded, is it worth the effort? I know that these masthead units were not intended to be user/field servicable, so anything I attempt here is a hack. So i’m pondering whether i spend $1300 on a new masthead wand (gW
  14. Blur. Its a European boat. The owner shows up here from time to time, usually with content of exceptional quality. https://www.bandg.com/blog/calibrating-an-h5000-instrument-system/
  15. We have a Nexus NX2 system on our 36ft C/R. It has been a pretty good system for the 6or so years it has been installed. We invested in the gwind vertical wand and the fancy multi-axis compass in particular to try and get good quality wind data and spent a fair amount of time in the early days calibrating stuff. Garbage in, garbage out. Ground wind vs true wind. Gps speed vs paddlewheel. We considered, reviewed and educated ourselves on all of it. We read and re-read. Or at least we tried. But true wind direction has proved to be a major and persistent disappoin
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