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  1. Dacron

    Vivid + Graphite?

    I have had a good experience with Pettit Vivid in my local waters. I remember reading here - it might even have been the @Editor who applied it to the A4 - that some people are adding graphite powder to the mix to make the product harder and slicker. Are there opinions about whether it does those things without seriously degrading the antifouling performance? In order to make it slicker, presumably the graphite has to be exposed on the surface which means less surface area of something else designed to resist fouling. What about carbon conductivity and the various copper/metal compounds in the paint - any combinations that might set off or exacerbate an electrical/galvanic flow? Assuming it isn’t a no-go, how much powder do you add to a gallon of paint?
  2. Dacron

    what is it?

    MW40 OF
  3. Dacron

    Galvanic intrigue

    Check the transmission cable is not providing a current path between engine and transmission. That, and autopilot sensors on the rudder, are common sources of continuity between bits that aren’t supposed to be connected.
  4. Dacron

    Best Line For Micro Block Eyes

    It is possible!
  5. Dacron

    36.7 or 109?

    And 36.7 all night?
  6. Dacron

    J97 and PHRF

    They sold so few of them in the US that there isn't a large body of PHRF results. I suspect they would be very competitive if sailed well. I've never been especially impressed with the way that I've seen them sailed, but they do OK even then. PHRF is in line with its other handicaps under IRC for example, and its a very competitive boat in that range under IRC. I really like them, especially the E version. Just stupid expensive for a 32 footer (in the US market, at least).
  7. Yes, indeed. But the non-spinnaker TCF is the same, save for the spinnaker parts of the rating. So LP specifically, is the same, whether sailing with or without spinnakers. The OP wants to change things up elsewhere in the certificate. The boat already has a non-spin rating, based on the same sailplan. The owner wants a non-spin rating based on a different sailplan. IRC doesn’t allow that. Nowhere but PHRF SoCal permits that.
  8. Indeed. You are right. Article 6.7 https://www.phrfsocal.org/wp-content/uploads/Rules/lr.pdf
  9. Not true. Prove me wrong. Multiple concurrently valid certificates, issued by the same rating authority, for the same boat in different configurations. And we know about crewed/doublehanded certs - we’re not talking about that. Every new certificate replaces the one before it. Only one is ever valid at a particular time.
  10. Dacron

    Most egregious cheats?

    Cossutti. https://www.cossutti.it/en/portfolio-item/nautilus-nm-38-38s/
  11. Dacron

    Most egregious cheats?

    So did the owner actually serve a ban? From what I can see, they got DSQ from the event but that was it. They seemingly destroyed the evidence, because after the event the boat was remeasured and floated in on totally different lines and weighed a LOT less... and then some time later some pictures showed up purportedly showing the water tanks below and behind the wheel well before and after removal. But I cannot see a record of the owner or anyone involved serving a ban. Did the Italian Sailing Federation do anything? He’s coming to Newport for the IRC/ORC worlds later this year. Different boat, same name. Scugnizza, Vincenzo di Blasio.
  12. Dacron


    Given that there is no spinnaker set in the picture on the FP, why could it not be argued that the outrigger in question is a whisker pole and therefore allowed by rule 50.3 (c)? It is attached to the foremost mast, and only one is in use, so it would seem to comply with rule 50.2.
  13. Dacron

    Quantum Sails question

    Why do you even want it anymore? If the seller is misrepresenting what it is so terribly badly, why do you have any confidence that its going to be the right size or of better condition than whatever it is you are replacing? Its got essentially no value given the lack of a credible description. You are bidding against bargain hunters who price sails in the few-hundred dollar range. If the seller is convinced this was $6k when new then s/he is unlikely to come down to a number where this makes any sort of sense for a second-hand sail buyer who knows what he/she is buying. You might elect take a punt on it if the seller agrees to sell for a few hundred bucks but don’t buy even at that price if you can’t afford to be very disappointed.
  14. Dacron

    My Song fell off a cargo?!

    AIS shows the Paris tug entering Palma now. Already inside the main breakwater?
  15. Whats going on with that genoa foot? Looks like a lot of unsupported foot round, but for the rigidity of the reinforcement patches. Why not just lower the clew a little?