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  1. Between the president calling for the "correct verdict", Waters calling for continuing rioting, and the (D) loyal press printing everything but the name of the jurors.. gee, what a "surprise" outcome. I guess it really does pay to OD on drugs.. for your family at least. I guess the riots will be more of the "mostly peaceful" kind now, right?
  2. When will mad Maxine be thrown out of congress? More of that "mostly peaceful" protesting the PA lefty echo chamber cheers on.
  3. I'm surprised that the usual suspects in here have nothing to say about a sitting (D) rep inciting violence. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9483471/Fury-Maxine-Waters-tells-Minnesota-BLM-protesters-weve-got-confrontational.html Oh, wait, lefty run violence is acceptable to them.
  4. Oh yes, some broken windows are the end of the republic. Meanwhile, in DC, we see the blackshirts that the PA echo chamber cheers on doing more of their "mostly peaceful" rioting. I guess the NG have been kept there for the non-existant "right wing" rioting, since they are not in sight of any of the "leftists gone wild". In any event, if you want to change the Constitution - there is a process. Feel free to follow it. Kind of like those (D)s in the house doing, you know, the same thing. Imagine that.
  5. "Finally"? Everything out of his mouth is as if he didn't spend 40 years in the Senate & 8 years as VP. Did he forget that, or do his writers think the sum of US history started in January of 2017?
  6. So the "refutation" is to say "none of the other stuff matters, we have universal mail in ballots"? Boy, that is some hard hitting debate there. Then again, what else could be expected out of huffpost? (Or of the lefty echo chamber in here.) GA & national (D) leaders did there best to cancel a minority city, and MLB moved it to a 90% white one. Way to go, Joe. (The WH denies saying anything, maybe they forgot already.) And we have learned all sorts of interesting things about the "racist" (using (D) standards) voting laws in DE & NY.
  7. Tell us all about your DGU, Joe. Didn't you go outside your house with a firearm? I guess those hundreds of years of "settled law" can be ignored - but only by you?
  8. You poor dear. Are you also the person who moves next to an airport and bitches about the noise aircraft make? Well - you are talking about BL - the same guy who couldn't figure out how to destroy it - as he said he would - and sold it instead. To a "friend". Details about the "friend" changed with every reply when asked about it.
  9. I realize that "vote early, vote often" is the way the (D) party rolls, but why even pretend that you give a damn about "election security" when your signature legislation is designed to remove any ability to prove that a voter is who they claim to be? No more witnesses or notaries, no signature matching. Fed databases not considered good enough to get dead and moved people off voting rolls. Imagine! Yet the (D) party, with all those Soros, Gates, & Zuckerburg $$$ rolling in are totally not doing what those billionaires desire. Dark money, only bad when it comes from non (D) financ
  10. The same party that fights against every photo id law is going to add election security? Does same day registration provide "security"? Does requiring votes to be accepted when you are not in the correct precinct add security? How about registration of minors? How about banning witness signature or notarization of absentee/mail in ballots? Does nationwide ballot harvesting help or hurt election security? But I see most of the usual foreign and domestic (D) echo chamber types are willing to "talk" about HR 1 in their usual ways - strangely enough, none of it involv
  11. Did you really mean H.R. 1? What is there to discuss? It is a (D) wishlist to insure that no other party will win a federal election again. It isn't surprising that the echo chamber has their lips firmly on the asses of those who pushed it.
  12. You mean the ABA is no longer giving opinions on lawyers "qualified" to be judges? Oh, wait, those people are acceptable outsourcing to the sainted (D) party. More selective outrage from (D)s who believe everything in a VRWC, even when the (D) party started the problem.
  13. Wrong political persuasion. But all one has to do is read most of the thread titles in here to see how well it works on worshipers of the (D) party.
  14. Must of been difficult to actually write that, I'm sure you were laughing hard..
  15. Must be more of that "unity" that Biden called for. Cute that the US military has more to say about someone offering commentary then they do about actual threats.
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