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  1. I must of missed that one. Is that the one where a few windows were broken? The one in which the only person killed was done by the police? Months of rioting and burning thanks to the (D) blackshirts wing, but a few broken windows are the end of the country. And now it is slowly coming out that the "organizers" were all FBI imformers. Imagine. Because I'm sure you are not referring to Nancy Pelosi (D) trying to make the military do her bidding. Or a general actually committing treason.
  2. Strangely enough, it was the (D) candidate for president that questioned the "blackness" of any blacks that didn't vote for him. But your ilk voted for him anyway. The (D) party: telling blacks what is "good" for them for over 150 years.
  3. A bunch of never-trumpers can't stand the least pro-biden network? Color me shocked. 95% of the media acting at the direction of the (D) party is never enough, is it?
  4. Hey bpm. What's up? 

  5. "When Does Rape Stop And Obligated Motherhood Start" So now I know 2 new things about "gov" It agrees with some feminists. "all penetrative sex is rape" It seems to be unaware of the several different ways in which pregnancy can be prevented.
  6. Surprised that the usual suspects are not cheering this one on:
  7. I'll go slowly so that you and the rest of the echo chamber can keep up. "How.. usual... the echo chamber has already forgotten what the topic of the thread is." The topic of the thread is Biden, not endless whataboutism featuring Trump. "Seems to be taking that worship of Biden a bit to far." Since I'm sure you only watch MSNBC or read Democrat Underground, you probably haven't seen the endless clips of Biden forgetting the name of cabinet members, or requiring notes to answer the simplest question. Just like the local echo chamber is unable to remember the thread topic.
  8. More of that "speech impediment" More perfectly acceptable behavior.. but no mean tweets, right? Is ignoring a court ruling an impeachable offense, or is it situational?
  9. How.. usual... the echo chamber has already forgotten what the topic of the thread is. Seems to be taking that worship of Biden a bit to far.
  10. One nobody knew about until what, a couple years ago? One that causes him to lose his train of thought while reading a teleprompter? One that requires him to have notecards to answer the most basic of questions? Then there is what comes out when he starts winging it. Hope there are not any young girls in the audience.
  11. Are you suggesting that (D) senators would refuse to convict Biden for doing the same things they claimed Trump did? I thought the (D) crowd you worship was above such partisan actions? Or is it really situational, like (D) support of the filibuster?
  12. Wow, tshirts. As opposed to the actions the current admin has taken to do "nice" things for Putin and the Iranians. Crowds in Cuba shouting "freedom", the US admin claims it is all about vaccines. Guess Biden/Harris saw different videos. All while the totally neutral press says nothing. Imagine.
  13. What, no examples? Unlike the softball the current administration is playing, and the totally loyal press that endlessly covers for him. Funny how the "journalist" that asked the question didn't mention the notecards in the report. This is why the press in the rest of the world laughs at the US.
  14. You mean the guy who ODed? Maybe your ilk should do some more "fiery but mostly peaceful" protesting until she gives a press conference you approve of.
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