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  1. I think code zeros really help out fractional rigged boats especially ones without overlapping jibs. Your boat is already masthead rigged and if you have a large genoa already replacing it witha a cruising code zero would be the same as making another light air genoa. A cruising zero would be built with a less than 75% midgirth which is a requirement in racing to make the sail rate as a spinakker and usually all that extra girth just ends up flapping or hooked if you pull the leech line on. A g3 would be a cruising all purpose sail allowing you to sail higher than with the a-2 and if your a
  2. Here's 2 pictures with some speed bubble and baby stay on and last one without babystay in lighter winds. Please excuse the 40 year old genoa.
  3. Probably to late in the design process now but why don't you just have a tylaska installed on the Tack of the sail instead of a o ring?
  4. I made this instead of a stack pack after seeing the imocas. I set the lazyjacks so that they are just loose enough when I'm fully sheeted on for upwind that they just lay against the sail. Seems to work pretty well but my boat is much smaller. First picture is with a reef in.
  5. Someone may have found it at Sidney Spit. Found this on facebook.
  6. I have 78ha on my 32 foot boat and seems fine. Sail is from 2004. And still looks good except where PO left it hanging out of the cover. You would probably get all slip slides and fancier batten boxes on a sail that big.
  7. Looks like the crew should be farther back. I dont think anyone should be sitting anywhere near the shrouds never mind in front of them in those conditions
  8. I would also try that to the rope on the foot
  9. https://www.rbsbattens.com/battens/rbs-powdercoated-epoxy-backstay-flicker/
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