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    On AIS there have been well over 20 cruise ships either anchored up or circling south of Grand Bahamas for a few weeks. They seem to move around and come to Port when they need provisions / fuel. Been watching it for weeks. Same ships circling. Even the brand new Scarlet Lady has been hanging around. Sometimes they are in anchorages off Port Canaveral, Tampa, Miami and Port Everglades, but mostly anchored in two groups south of Grand Bahamas.
  2. Was heading out fishing and getting the gear and bait ready when I logged in way back years ago. Seemed to work at the time. Not much to say overall, so just keep most opinions to myself, but have enjoyed the banter through the years and contribute when it seems to fit in.
  3. 470 World Championships start in a week in Palma, Mallorca Spain. Chinese team just pulled out. Looks like the event is still on schedule. I bet most of the teams have been there for weeks training with no issues. Event is an Olympic qualifier for teams such as the USA woman's teams. USA 470 Men’s team never had anyone challenge them for the spot, but this event solidifies the spot for them as well.
  4. Palermo, Sicily. Any idea which boats these are. They look pretty lonely and forgotten.
  5. To the best of my recollection Sturgis never sold any International 420’s. Sturgis sold the Club 420’s which are only sailed in North America.
  6. Standard operating procedure to put rubber cutlass bearings in the freezer overnight prior to installation. For other hard bearings such as vesconite, it is common to cool in dry ice prior to installation in the strut or stern tube. Shrinks them up enough to allow the material to be pressed into place.
  7. bait

    Tokyo 2020

    I appreciate the comments regarding the current state of the team under Malcolm. I did hear a few of those same comments and feel he was trying to make a difference and as a change from past years he really was very engaged with the teams in helping them through the quad. I also know that the overall thought process did not have much hope on 2020, and was definitely looking forwards 2024/ 2028 as was stated by some one earlier. in terms of coaching, it does not matter whether you are part of a Junior Opti team or a high school or college team. The top teams get the most attention. I do n
  8. bait

    Tokyo 2020

    Back in a previous generation when I qualified and was a member of the US Sailing Team there was no sailor support from US Sailing. Over the years on the US Sailing Team I hardly remember even meeting an organizing person from US Sailing Team,. Although I got a couple jackets in the mail for the effort. Never made it to the Olympics but got about as close to going with out making the show. I guess they call that the first loser! I am good with that! Most every team I have known has been on their own and self reliant for all aspects of their campaign. US Sailing Team uses their budget to f
  9. bait

    Tokyo 2020

    Some great comments. Much appreciate such lucid thoughts. Not every day we get to have this level of objective discourse without some anarchy thrown in for good measure. And based on the site it should be expected! I do admire Malcolm for hanging in there and dealing with the US sailor outlook on Olympic sailing. Personally, I think he was misled by US Sailing when he took the position in terms of the youth pipeline and secured funding for the team that did not materialized on either level. I also agree that fundraising by far is a huge issue. But it can be overcome by those fully
  10. bait

    Tokyo 2020

    There are a lot of incredibly talented sailors involved in college sailing. It is arguably the highest level of pure sailing currently in the US. That being said the successful Olympic sailor requires more than showing up for a weekend event on pre-set boats, within a basic parameter only to rotate to ensure no one is disadvantaged by having the slow boat in the fleet. No one even needs to think about the boat. Just get in and make sure it works and go sail. About as dumbed down sailing from a technical standpoint as you could get. But also about as pure a sailing competition as you wil
  11. bait

    Tokyo 2020

    USST: Greg Fisher (USA) resigns as chief operating/business officer of the US Sailing Team; another blow to American Olympic hopes in 2020 and beyond? bummer hearing the news. Have a huge respect for Greg Fisher and was hoping he could be a key figure to get U.S. Olympic Sailing going in the right direction. everyone knew a couple years ago that 2020 was basically a write off for medal considerations and it looks like this summers events have cemented these thoughts. To turn this around it was going to need to be be a multi quad effort with the ultimate goal to get the team back in me
  12. bait

    Tokyo 2020

    Well said, and when the talent does not align with the check book then those talented sailors with out funding find other things to do like going on with life.
  13. bait

    Tokyo 2020

    For US sailors and the national organization governing our sport, I feel they have never made the transition from being an amateur sport to a full professional sport. Europe and developing countries made this change effectively over a couple quads and the US sailors could no longer compete effectively in the Olympic Classes on a world level overall. Sure there have been the exception, but just attending the Olympics became the ultimate goal. Some countries targeted sailing as a way to break into the medal count by targeting this sport and did so very effectively. in terms of wealthy saili
  14. bait

    Tokyo 2020

    Good Point regarding national fleets. Maybe these current Olympic classes are just traveling road shows. The major events bring out the numbers and the countries, but to your point there are not really any large national fleets. Interesting. looks like a couple of us sailors have punched up into single digits after day three of racing. At least a chance at the medal round is a step forward. Even if out of medal contention. Year to go and it will be fun to see who can step up their game on a world level. It was great to see Charlotte Rose at the laser radial worlds produce results.
  15. bait

    Tokyo 2020

    https://tokyo2020.org/en/special/readysteadytokyo/sailing/results/ one year out from the 2020 Olympics in Japan and the top US Sailing Team members are competing at the Olympic test event.. Anyone see any improvement over Rio? As the Olympic classes really have no fleets competing in the US, the initial results after only two days of sailing are predictable. Hopefully the rest of the event will go better. Lot of races left. Hard to watch the US sailors be relegated to fleet fillers in a few classes. And in a few of the classes the US has not even qualified to compete as a country yet
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