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  1. Clevis pins, toggles, bolts, tangs, turnbuckles? I thought this was "Winter is Coming," not "Hardware is Here." Take it to Clevis Pin Anarchy! Sorry, it's almost too cool to wear corduroy shorts here, and I'm stressed about it.
  2. I just read "Learning from Noah: a gift of life lessons in the time of Covid-19" by Randall Peffer in Wooden Boat magazine (September/October #282). Peffer, 73, owns a 47' schooner that needs some work. He lives in New England and invited his son, Noah, 43, who lives in California, to help him with it. It is set during the first Covid fall and winter. Noah is a skilled carpenter and agrees. It is hilarious and touching at the same time. It reminded me of when my oldest son and I renovated two houses: he was the boss.
  3. Then there's this (31 seconds) for the angler/juicer crowd:
  4. Should have mentioned this sooner: Stuffing Waffles If you still have some left, thin it slightly with broth or water and make a waffle with it. Put gravy, maple syrup, turkey, poached egg, cranberry sauce, just about anything on it. I saw waffles were mentioned earlier.
  5. Life's conundrums. I have two little W&P Yacht lamps with no oil in them. I'll see what works. Mat be several days though.
  6. I was gonna Like this, but SJB ain't no Philistine. Otherwise, I like it very much.
  7. I note with pleasure the little shrine in memory of Julia Child, who probably saved America.
  8. Yes. That is mentioned in the article. Koskela has a 6-meter boat, Silène III. Interesting story about the purchase and transport back to Finland. https://6metrearchive.org/boat/silene-iii/
  9. @Pertsa I just got around to reading my September/October issue of Wooden Boat magazine (#282). It has a very nice article about Tore Holm and his designs, particularly the meter boats.
  10. @Kris Cringle What book is that? Is it "Bear Island" by Alistair Maclean? Thanks.
  11. I've seen these "wrap" products, where they take a plastic film of some kind, and apply it to the topsides. I don't think it's meant to be permanent. You could make a roll of the stuff, say 3 feet wide in teak, run it along the sheer, trim it at the waterline, enter the WoodenBoat Show, win a prize, peel it off, and Bob's your uncle.
  12. The bright topsides are really lovely. About a million years ago, I bought a surfboard, foam of course, that had been airbrushed to look like a glued up balsa blank. It was really extraordinary. That would be cool to do on a fiberglass boat, if it could resemble that ^^.
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