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  1. Don't you need a two-thirds majority to override?
  2. Perhaps you could post your friend's financial details so that we can evaluate that, and you should be following this thread.
  3. We charge a fee for this service.
  4. Uhmm... I may be having a senior moment, but I am thinking about Watt hours and Volts and Amps, which I'm really not qualified to do... Am I correct to think that the ePropulsion 48 volt 4000 Wh battery will provide more range than (3) Torqeedo 24 volt 915 Wh batteries? Does the voltage enter into it? In other words, if it takes 400 Watts to push my boat at 3 knots in flat water, 4000 Wh battery will give me 10 hours of operation, or 30 nm, regardless of whether I have a 48 volt or 24 volt system. Correct?
  5. Sounds like you've thought it out. Very nice looking boat - any photos?
  6. "Will also trade for rowboat" Got a $5,000 rowboat?
  7. Will, it sounds like you had it surveyed after you bought it. Is that correct?
  8. FWIW, I have a LI power station. It has 250 Wh, and is OK for low Wattage items. I even will power a compact fan.
  9. @Zonker I think you're correct that e-drive is not the solution for every sailor, largely because of the range issue. It has been working very well for me where I sail, and how I sail for the last three years. If I were coastal sailing, it probably would not work. On a related but different topic, we have two automobiles, and the next one will definitely be a plug-in.
  10. @TheBSJ I was thinking about your HP selection. The Seascape 27 is 3098 lbs., my H-Boat is 3200 lbs. The 3.0 pod is rated at 6 HP which should be fine. It's twice the Torqeedo, which has been very adequate in most conditions. If your boat is 4850 lbs. the 6.0 pod drive might be wise, but it's big bump in price. Something to think about. I'm attaching the ePropulsion USD price list (pdf file) for the three pod drives (and their outboards). It may be helpful. ePropulsion Full Price List 2021_V1.0_US_Annapolis Hybrid Marine.pdf
  11. Jess, I'm sorry, not a single one. I was kind of focused on other stuff and didn't even think about it. As mentioned, I was impressed with the stoutness and robustness of the pod and other components, the cables, and the connection points. The pod itself, where the motor is housed, is about the same size as the Torqeedo Travel 1003 pod, although the propeller has a smaller diameter. Unlike the Torqeedo, it's all metal. Your project is very similar to mine - except for the Side Mount Controller. Does that one have a GPS thingy? You might want to verify that. The Top Mount has it.
  12. Mom & Dad look delighted. That is wonderful to see. Well done! The boat looks pretty darn nice too.
  13. I just bought a storage bin exactly like those (egad!) to store my boat crap. Didn't realize I had the makings of a fine vessel. Captain Dennis either has a fine sense of humor, or is a complete lunatic. The red hat suggests the latter. I hope he has a good lawyer.
  14. Yes, and I believe they would move the wine around as needed, after filtering through their kidneys.
  15. I'm feeling much better, except that now I have to find something else to worry about.
  16. For the sake of simplicity, I went with the ePropulsion battery. It's plug-and-play, affordable, fits in the space, and provides plenty of range. Finding batteries that would fit under the settees would have been a challenge. I didn't think about trim until a few days ago, after I read @allweather's post - now I think about little else. I usually store the cockpit awning and asymmetric in the v-berth. They might be 15 lbs. My anchor and 6' of chain are in the cockpit locker. Moving them forward is a possibility, at least the chain. I don't know about the anchor. I do not want it
  17. No. The only place it will go is as indicated, unless on top of the cabin sole, which would be pretty intrusive.
  18. Today I took a trip to the boat yard to look at the pod, battery and other components first hand. I was very impressed with the pod and everything else. It's more robust than the Torqeedo, and looks bullet-proof. The owner and I went through the manuals and see how everything fits together. Now we just need the f**king Throttle Control and its cable. We talked a bit about the battery's effect on trim. I recall that when I used to leave my 30 lb. outboard on the transom bracket, it had no noticeable affect. I'm hoping this battery, while 3.3X the weight won't be too bad. The yard owner sug
  19. I recall that the Torqeedo Watt display would jump around a bit, maybe 100 Watts +/-. What (NPI) I recorded was my impression of the average reading at each speed.
  20. Seems like you have a good weight-to-Wh relationship. The ePropulsion E80 Battery is also LiFePo4, but weighs 48kg for 4.1kWh. Which raises some questions related to weight. Does the battery weight affect the trim of the boat in any noticeable way? Do you feel any difference in stability?
  21. Beautiful article about her in WoodenBoat. GRAYLING is pretty. There's a lot to be said for the concept, since it offers so much deck space. Heck, you could put out some Adirondack chairs and a picnic table.
  22. Interesting. What are the details on your battery? Type? Watt Hours? Weight? It's in the storage bin isn't it? With the Torqeedo Travel 1003, I got about the same speed with WOT. At 4.0 knots, I drew 810 Watts. I'm very curious how the Watt draw compares to the Torqeedo at various speeds.
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