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  1. Query, is it recycled if it wasn't really "cycled" in the first place?
  2. Junkyard Dog


    Nice one. This is also a true story. There is town between Houston and Austin named Elgin. My wife (who is an artist and a professor of art and art history) and I were driving through Elgin one morning when I remarked that there was a famous glass blowing workshop in the town. "Really?" asked my wife. "I've never heard of it." "Oh yes," I replied. In fact they're world famous and known to be highly controversial." "What could be controversial about a glass blowing factory?" she asked. The look on her face was priceless after I then said, "Don't tell me you've never hea
  3. Last time I saw her was in Seabrook, TX. She had been a fixture on Galveston Bay for several years and was last owned buy a Dutch engineer as far as I know. I don't know if she survived Hurricane Ike. Perhaps d'ranger can answer.
  4. Crews were able to refill the MUD district's water tank, so we were able to turn the water back on. I did finally get to have a hot shower. Power is currently on. Fingers crossed that it stays on tonight. That is supposed to be the last of the really hard freezes.
  5. Most homes in Houston are built with the option of gas or electric. Ours and most of our neighbors have gas fired furnaces. Of course the controls and blowers are electric, so that doesn't help when the power is out...
  6. Glad you're doing all right. Out here on the west side, we lost power at 1:00 AM on Monday. Fired up my 5.5k genset which I'm sure pissed of the neighbors... Anyway, it will run a couple of space heaters, couple of lamps the fridge, laptop and TV. We're watching DVDs as there is no cable and Internet is spotty. If we unplug the fridge, we can run the microwave and the toaster. We can cook on the grill and have bottled water left over from Harvey and a rapidly diminishing supply of firewood. We are much better off than most. No pipes burst yet, but there is so little water pressure w
  7. I have a near 40 year old pair of Tony Lama's that I should have resouled. Thanks for reminding me.
  8. I guess you thought it was clever, or funny, or cute. You were wrong. But that's actually OK. It's a free country - for now.
  9. Junkyard Dog


    I know. I was referring to the first picture.
  10. Junkyard Dog


    The guy on the right looks a like Joe Pesci. Would that make those the three wise guys?
  11. Ah sounds like good times. Definitely not the boat I was thinking of.
  12. D. Did you sail W.P. or was it someone else?
  13. It hardly belongs in this august company, but here is my own small effort.
  14. There was one in Texas in the late 90s. I ran into it on Lake Waco, but it was from Dallas or Canyon Lake. Don't remember which.
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