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  1. Horns down... https://www.sportingnews.com/us/ncaa-football/news/bo-davis-texas-iowa-state-rant/1lth5v2occj911xwtbb11uqma9
  2. Don't forget about the SS and Medicare tax he will have to pay in addition to state and Fed income tax. I think it's around 15%.
  3. That deckover stuff just hides the moisture issues. Solid Stains will get hot in the sun and are slippery when wet. Transparent stains have worked best for me.
  4. TI Silent 700 with the famous bubble memory. Don't leave in a freezing car overnight if you epect it to work the next day.
  5. Looks like Texas and Oklahoma have taken the first official steps to leave the Big 12. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/31889044/texas-longhorns-oklahoma-sooners-tell-big-12-not-renew-grant-media-rights
  6. Ideal 18. Guy on our lake sailed one into his nineties. Not many around though. https://www.shumwaymarine.com/ideal18/
  7. Yesterday traveling down I71 just north of Columbus, OH going 75 MPH we could hear them even though we had the windows in the car up. Little bastards were all over the windshield.
  8. Well I'm guessing her boat is less than 50 ft from her back door and the sailing around Punta Gorda is pretty good so there is that.
  9. Sorta like this one.
  10. While it's not going to help your situation, a big part of your problem is filing a paper return in a year of covid. IRS doesn't have staff on site to process those paper returns.
  11. While the idea of a passport sounds good, implementation might have issues. Shouldn't be something that can be easily counterfeited. Can't be issued by the Fed's because they don't have the records. People are getting their shots from local heath departments and from pharmacies and I'm not sure it the detailed info is passed to the state. By the time a central database would get built need might be gone.
  12. This probably deserves it own thread. There are a lot of people who here who care about Hobot and might not see this.
  13. There was no public money that went into Melvin to shore it up, but don't let the facts get in the way of a good story.
  14. Much thanks for this thread, hoping it continues through 2021.
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