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  1. They were cousins, it was an arranged marriage. I didn't know him, what I heard about him I didn't like, but I feel sympathy for his family as I do for anyone who has lost a member of their family. I felt the same about princess Diana - sorry for the kids, but that was it, it didn't touch me personally. All this posturing and royal worship needs to eff off. Tricia
  2. Thanks Cisco. You always come through don't you? :-) Bluet is 25ft. We've sailed her from UK to NZ eastabout, so are no strangers to long passages. We've been keeping an eye on the situation in Chile, but really our choices at the moment are UK or Italy in both cases leaving the boat behind, or Chile. Don't wanna leave the boat, she's been our home for 20yrs. Stressing a bit. Tricia xxx
  3. I googled this question and got both yes and no answers. It is quite important as we are thinking of heading to Chile if the borders open. How will this affect wind patterns on route from NZ to Chile? Should I throw out all my pilot charts and books and start from scratch? And if so, where do I start? Bear in mind we are a small boat and it will probably take us at least 50 days (maybe up to 3 months to get there). Tricia xxx
  4. Oh I love these! Tricia xxx
  5. I read this book years ago and developed a complete loathing for Douglas Robertson mainly because they had the teenage son of a friend with them and treated him horribly once they were in the life raft and dinghy. DR actually punched the teenager for, I think, falling asleep and slumping onto DR's son. I heart broke for that boy who must have been terrified and without his family. The story was riveting, but I have never got over my loathing. Tricia PS We were badly frightened by a whale in the Gulf of Aden. It circled us blowing, then swam at our beam, at speed, and about 15/20
  6. Does anyone know where I can get Norcold/Engel SCQT4408 power supply? TIA
  7. It was about 35 degrees C. Going swimming was weird coz you would sweat in the water. This is a panorama shot Rob took halfway up a big hill.
  8. And this in the Musandam area of Oman near Khasab.
  9. This was taken in Tersane Turkey Jan/Feb 2008.
  10. Worrying about their outboard, eating cheese grits, accidentaly dropping stuff overboard and chasing it with the trolling motor on their dink, finding anchorages, being interviewed by some radio prog, struggling against the current in Elliot Cut. That's pretty much it. For the record I (Tricia) think they are sweet, Rob hates them. Tricia xxx
  11. Sailing down the Red Sea, cruising chute up. Rob decides to run the engine so we can get the water maker going. We decide to take the cruising chute down. I'm pulling in the sheets, Rob yells at me to let the halyard go, I start to say I'm pulling the sheets in, but he yells louder. I let the halyard go. Engine stops. Lovely, got c/c sheets round the prop. No pan pan or mayday in the Red Sea. Rob goes over the side but refuses a knife, as he doesn't want to cut the sheets. Eventually, with bursts of reverse we get the sheets unwrapped. It was hair raising because all I could t
  12. Hey Zenan Thanks for the reply. We are in lockdown in NZ and have delayed our plans at the moment. Still, any info you can give us would be pretty great. Tricia
  13. Hi. Some thoughts-: Get a bimini, you'll be outside a lot of the time either sailing or at anchor in a hot(ter) climate, it makes a big difference. We spent many years with only an icebox but converted with an Engel kit a few years back. SO much more civilised We don't have a windlass and run 40m 8mm chain, 60m 8 strand rope and a 20kg s/s spade anchor. You need a chain pawl so you can rest if needed and if you have 2 chain claws you have 1 as a bridle and a spare, the spare has enough rope attached to reach a winch from the bow roller so you can break it out if necessary.
  14. Cisco you are a star! That is exactly what I was looking for. Now you are my most favourite person ever. Tricia xxx
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