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  1. I put this together a few years ago and it's been used ever since at my club, the local school, and another club outside Detroit. Standard tackle-box design, but the software and pcb have decades of experience behind them. It was based on Arduino, but the software outgrew those processors so I built my own PCB and upgraded everything. Large display, internal buzzer (for R/C countdown), automatic horns with internal compressor, support for ALL sequences (need one not listed? I'll add it). I won't call it waterproof, but I've used it in strong storms without issue. Can hook u
  2. I heard about this in the past, so did a search and found a lot of info: https://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/124311-j22-asymmetric/ http://j22forum.com/topic/542-asymmetric-genoa/ http://j22forum.com/topic/347-sails-roller-furling-jibs-asymmetric-spinnakers/ Apparently, someone even offers such a kite, although I'd be highly skeptical: https://southeastasiasails.com/j-boat-mps/j22-asymmetrical-spinnaker
  3. Thanks for the suggestions! We currently use Polyform fenders, but they take up a lot of room on the boat and while indestructible, I'm not sure they would handle repeated inflating/deflating.
  4. Thinking about replacing the race marks for our club and need suggestions. Since the demise of APS, I can only find one other manufacturer (ETP). Are there others? We're a small club, so the fancy double-layered $1,000 marks are not an option. Also, I'd appreciate suggestions on inflators. Would rather not go 120v. Speed of inflation is the primary factor. I hear that the new cordless leaf blowers work well, but most inflation valves are pretty small... Anyone have experience using them? Thanks for your suggestions!
  5. When winds are questionable, I try to set the leg lengths as short as possible. It makes it easier to shorten the course. (I don't know if you have that ability, but I thought I'd mention this technique anyway.) That being said, I have been known to do the following: IF a boat is on the current leg, and IF you feel most boats won't be able to complete another leg, then do a combination Change and Shorten course. Drop another mark directly downwind/upwind from the current mark (creating a new, short leg, if you will) and anchor your R/C boat next to it for the finish line. Sailors hav
  6. 1421: The Year China Discovered America by Gavin Menzes is a great one. Theorizes that Chinese traveled the world long before Columbus. Highly criticized by scholars, but really gets you thinking, regardless. Francis Chichester: A Biography by Anita Leslie is another good one.
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