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  1. Imagine a world where a simple dick-head like you pretended to be so ***. I love PVM, and fuck you. Keep pretending, fuck nut.
  2. Sorry.. The bitch is my dog. Cujo is my dog. If ANYONE FUCKS me up, she will kill you. .
  3. The SI's may have been off. There was a legal loophole, and a few boats did very well by it. I can't believe you folks think your cleverness makes you better sailors. I agree the SI's were wanting, but after 80 fucking years we have people challenging around the island? I can not imagine the owner of Snowbird taking a pickle dish for that win. He's a great man surrounded by ass holes
  4. Their case was tossed because the judge and prosecutor knew that "the statute was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge in 2014, and though Iowa prosecutors had been admonished not to enforce it..." It does bring up an interesting point about eminent domain, and one in which I have a personal interest. I was recently talking to a water bureaucrat about running a pipeline across my mother's property next door to mine. I basically told him that we would not have a problem with it if compensated adequately. My neighbor had a similar conversation but told them he'd fight having the pipelin
  5. I was too. Right across the the street while it was happening. I didn't live on the boat. I raced on it, but spent enough time on the boat and at Stash's Cafe to see what happened. Great influx of money building the Pfizer plant less than a quarter mile from Stash's. A Biker bar that became a fern bar. Good for Stanislos - a good man who made a shit ton of money. Hughie's disappeared with the old boxing photos and the "Love Salad" - a New London tradition - when the politicians came in and decided to destroy a neighborhood for a pipe dream. New London is coming back. It is a vibrant
  6. Are we playing Mary Ann or Ginger?. Hmmm....let me think about it for a millisecond. Toss in a photo of Hillary and it might take me a full double millisecond.
  7. Does this Melania thing mean we can judge Hillary based on her husband blowing a load of dork-snot on an intern in the Oval Office, or do the rules of judgement change next week?
  8. And we laugh and laugh at the GOP clown car, whilst the Democratic nominee should be riding in the back of a paddy wagon.
  9. A vote for Trump is a vote for 4 more years of shitty school lunches, the salary of an extra White House gardener to mulch and weed Melania's vegetable garden, and more dance-aerobics on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Actually --- that last one might be worth the vote.
  10. Yep. FEDs say boys must be allowed in the girls locker room. Feds say boys must be considered girls when / if a boy says so. Or lose Federal funding. And guess what fed funding to local schools is.mostly made up of? School lunch programs. Obama is saying that if you don't allow a trans in the locker room, the poor kids are going to go hungry, Progressives tripping over their own dicks, yet again. Michelle says NO PUSSY tonight. What's the added sugar content? New labels based on bull shit that will cost us hundreds of millions. I would vote for a house p
  11. Dude, I do not have a problem with transexuals. I don't know how to make that any clearer, but I can not see how it is far fetched to believe that there will be a percentage of straight kids who will feel uncomfortable in common shower and changing areas with people who have the genitals of the opposite sex. It doesn't even take a large percentage who feel that way to make the nurses office entirely impractical. And sure, we could just go with the "do it and see what happens" approach, but the engineer in me thinks "build first / think later" is generally a bad idea. transgender. anywa
  12. Does anyone else here remember, back in the day, when having a penis meant you were a man and a vagina a woman? That was "Settled Science" before the human species climbed down from trees, FFS. But no. Not any more. Title IX is irrelevant now - it is based on biological sex. National Organization for Women is a farce now. We only need 25% of men to self identify as women at tax time and the gender wage-gap disappears. Well done, progressives. Problem solved. We are all equal. Thank goodness I can finally toss off the burden of my white male privilege.
  13. My extremely attractive daughter is 19 and lives in NC. One of her best friends in High School here in CT was - if not "Trans" - a flamboyant young man who was partial to makeup and cowgirl boots and totally kicked ass in the town talent show. Point being - my daughter loved the guy, but would be hugely uncomfortable showering with him. Would your hot 19 year old daughter be hugely comfortable showering with another girl? Could I watch? According to Obama, yes - you could watch. I'm guessing you don't have a daughter. The implication of your post is deviant, BTW. You are a sick
  14. They want fed money, follow fed rules. Or be bigots and do without. Sounds like a choice to me Sounds like someone wants some idiot in DC to run my fucking life. Amazing, isn't it? The Fed takes money from me, and then makes me behave in a certain way to get a bit back. Fucking lemming.
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