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  1. Beat me to it. Those are the very reasons the GYA adopted the Viper. And it's more affordable than all those mentioned. PM me if you want to learn more about the GYA's selection process. And the guy that skippered the winning NYYC Invitational entry followed it up by winning a hard-fought 54-boat Viper North American Championship a couple of weeks later. Got himself nominated for a Rolex, with both events cited as the reasons. For me, nothing but props to NYYC for what they do to promote and provide actual sailboat racing. We built them a batch of new Sonars a couple of years ago to
  2. Moving further towards "Gentleman Farmer" mode Ultra? Wait, can that happen in the ROT??
  3. Don't sell yourself short Ultra, your brain is plenty small! ;-) Sorry, you set yourself up for that one JJ, I couldn't resist! See you this week in Houston brother. I've got my Yankee passport and the Republic of Texas visa is stamped...
  4. Yes. http://yachtscoring.com/event_scratch_sheet.cfm?eID=895 Low Viper turnout at HPDO, as the North Americans are the same weekend in Houston. 60+ Vipers racing that weekend between the two events. I imagine more K6s will turn up, as it's the home club of a good sized fleet.
  5. Nick and Tony are well and truly snakebitten. Tony is in fact on a social mission to make the Viper the accessible sportboat fleet for the post college sailing crowd. With fleet building price of $32,495 for a new boat including sails and trailer, and financing plan with a less than $250/mo payment, and older used boats you can buy for under $18K, which also qualifying for financing, I think we're going to make it happen, possibly in a big way as the word spreads. If anyone wants more info, PM me, or email dan at rondarboats dot com. Owning a boat isn't particularly cheap, but we're doing all
  6. <sigh> Yeah. Seriously. For PRODUCTION boats. J/Boats will likely sell these by the 100's. Hunter has sold that gin palace by the 100's. It's a business folks- Product, Price, Promotion. How many Summit 35's (more racer focus) or SC 37's (comparable design brief) have sold or will sell in the next 5 years? Bigger production numbers means better resale, which means lower total cost of ownership. You have to make what people want at a price they're willing to pay, and a strong brand helps. J/Boats, Benteau, Hunter, Catalina, they get it and build a lot of boats. Not for everyone for
  7. J/111 is a Yanmar saildrive, so no alignment issues to be concerned with. That's one of the reasons builders like saildrives, quicker easier installation. My only test is RPM at WOT, came up slightly short, so changing to the appropriate size to hit max operating RPM to make Yanmar happy. The Yanmar guy was measuring back pressures, temps and basically certifying that the builder did a quality installation. All the trash talking nonsense above about sails and what not, this is why you have sea trials with a new boat, to iron out these sort of details. Don't quote me on sail area, I really
  8. See my post above. I don't think they "rushed it out the door", and I bet those first shots were just from one of the Johnstone's little pocket digital cameras. It was the first day the boat sailed, and of course there are some details to be sorted out in the first few days of a project like this. 5 years ago you wouldn't have seen anything until it was all polished and approved by the marketing folks!
  9. Okay, so yesterday I went and did the engine/prop testing on this boat. Unfortunately, I didn't get to go sailing, as the Doyle guys had taken the jibs back for some tweaking -yes, including adding to the foot. Hull #1 is going to NZL and the NZL Doyle loft built the sails. They were a bit off on the furler details... No biggie. The boat looks pretty nice up close despite that forward port. Anyone who's calling this a cruising boat is talking out of their ass. Across the dock when I arrived was a Hunter 35. THAT'S a cruising boat! Pretty much the same LOA and looking at the 2 of them side
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