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  1. The dying Swann scene in the premiere of the first COVID-19 proof edition of Tchaikovsky's Swann Lake? Probably better then the 1877 original
  2. Sail fair! The person seeking advice on the forum is the protestee in the incident. In fact he/she doesn’t debate that he/she is in the wrong. Therefore my advice is sail fair: If you infringe somebody (and they shout protest, which you are debating, but not apealing) take a penalty. If you know you are in the wrong and you end up in the PC room; plead guilty. Debating the validity of the protest in the PC room knowing you are in the wrong is not chique. By considering an appeal for such a case, you’ve lost my respect. That is all.
  3. Yes, you might win the appeal. PE: “You haven't won if, in doing so, you have lost the respect of your competitors.” Please keep this famous sailor’s quote in mind while picking up your next hobby.
  4. Absolutely! It is just A start. I love showing performance while sailing. Not because of the absolute number, but because you can see increase and decrease in these numbers, when you make adjustments to your boat settings...
  5. Does anybody have a polar of the F-3? I am asking for a friend unfortunately....
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