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  1. thanks for all the legal garb Wood, but not necessary, I'm just saying 'hey BJ, get your AIS shit updated' since we're all a bit 'AIS sensitive'
  2. BlackJack needs to update their info on the AIS. Been tracking it coming back from Hobart and its showing as a 22meter ? must be using the old gear off the old boat ?
  3. Oats have got 4 new sails this year - as you do
  4. He'd only get in everyones way again
  5. its carbon fibre, it can't go to shit
  6. Scallywag incoming - must be that time of the year again
  7. I wonder if anythings happening inside the shed at McConaghy?
  8. How old is OATS X ?? in front of Ichi, right up the arse of Beau Geste and doing 19.8 !!
  9. just a couple of fellas having a bit of fun - thats all. looks like happy hour out there at the moment - both over 20Knots _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _) _)
  10. did someone break a mirror on Wild Oats ?
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