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  1. Winds were light out there. Nice sailing. For sailors not on the course, noaa NDBC Station 46026 18 nm west of San Francisco => Saturday Wind-JPG.Link 2021_DHF : few pics.Flickr-LINK
  2. https://youtu.be/rlaaPjp04WY 2021 DHF - Seacart 30 Bottle Rocket video clip is linked above. Results for the 42nd Annual Doublehanded Farallones Race are on Jibeset.net https://www.jibeset.net/show.php?RR=BAMA_T006063656&DOC=r1&TYP=html
  3. A few pics of the Delta Ditch Run finish area trail below, multihulls. 2021 Delta Ditch Run - Flickr Gallery.LINK The Flickr gallery keeps pictures time-ordered. 1st multihull finisher eXtreme.40 Shadow X, Flickr.LINK Seacart 30, Bottle Rocket, Flickr-LINK Seacart 30, Hammer, Flickr-LINK Open 8.5m Mama Tried, Flickr-LINK C-31RS, Water Wings, Flickr-LINK F-27, Raven, double-handed below, Flickr-LINK
  4. A couple of pictures trail from Benicia, seen from the 1st Street Pier. 2021 Delta Ditch Run - Gallery.LINK The gallery keeps pictures time-ordered. eXtreme 40 Shadow X Flickr.Link - ShadowX Marstrom Seacart 30 Bottle Rocket Flickr.Link - Bottle Rocket.stbd Flickr.Link - Bottle Rocket.port.2 Open 8.5m Mama Tried Marstrom Seacart 30 Hammer Hammer - Flickr.Link Melges 24 #855 Looper Flickr.LINK - Melges 24 Looper
  5. Wind speed picked up in the afternoon down the course. Shadow eXtreme 40 reached First Street Pier, Benicia ~ 1:00 pm. First gun 10:25, started multihulls at 10:30 Martinez Union Pacific Rail Road Bridge NDBC UPBC1 https://flic.kr/p/2m5rqNd Stockton Airport NWS https://flic.kr/p/2m5oxDN Shadow, eXt 40
  6. Flickr gallery / album = https://flic.kr/s/aHsmUFi5QJ Alerion Express 28, sail# 244 finish area picture https://flic.kr/p/2kN3EJu
  7. Error, corrected link to the picture = Seacart 30 New user in training on SA forum software
  8. First start -> multihulls Open 8.5m Mama Tried IMG_7865_DxO F-27, Corsair 760 Seacart 30 UK Main, Smyth Scr/Gnkr Flickr Album : 2021 sfbaySSS Race February 27th
  9. Multiple boats, approach to the finish (Express 27, Olson 30, Elliott 770, Moore 24)
  10. Express 27, sail 18394, Abigail Moran & Sabre Spirit, Serenade, approach to the finish
  11. J/70 sail 534, 1Fa approach to the finish
  12. Video clips of the approach to the finish trail from the Feb 27, 2021 sfbaySSS.org race J-105 Arrived Santa Cruz 52, City Lights J/70 Kangaroo Jockey Moore 24 Snafu J/100 Grace
  13. eXtreme 40, Shadow X 1st Multihull finisher Open 8.5m Mama Tried 2nd Multihull Finisher
  14. J/70, sail 534, 1FA 15:37:21 1st to finish Monohull IMG_6660_DxO Upwind of the finish, towards Blackhaller buoy IMG_6650_DxO IMG_6652_DxO IMG_6657_DxO
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