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  1. Not yet fully developed. All images you see are with the centerboard (non ballasted)
  2. Not much has changed, we are expecting a shipment of boats in October and the tooling for the keel base has not been refined yet. The prototype keel is perfect as a blade, but the securing part of the deal is not finished and is crucial to avoid pendulum effect of the bulb at the daggerboard trunk. I'll report as soon as we have more progress.
  3. I sailed them a fair amount. Like them as a training platform for sportboat sailing. They are heavy and the loads are fairly high, but still responds well. They are well built and we did some crazy stuff with them while coaching and never had a serious problem with them. Ergonomics can be a little better but once you get some muscle memory, you find your way around. Cool boat for it's purpose. Not comfortable interior, but if you are not big, it's ok.
  4. Sail it flat upwind even if you have a little lee helm. Gooseneck position range is 16" to 22" from the forward edge of the boom . The stronger the wind, the longer the distance . This moves the center of effort forward and balances the rudder as well as lowers the sail plan. Heel the boat to windward during the runs. Sail by the lee. Careful on sitting to far back...tapered sterns like the 'fish's tend to be draggy. Upwind in port tack can trim harder than starboard tack. Surround yourself of better sailors and watch, learn, copy. Good luck
  5. If you are fine with just tying knots, then Robline Dinghy Sheet XL is the best. It only comes in black or red. Great in the hand, very affordable and it is not a very high modulus line, so will be fine for crazy gybes. https://www.velasailingsupply.com/robline-dinghy-sheet-xl-8mm/
  6. BFD, do you mean a solid core instead of multiple strands?
  7. I don't think it was blowing 20 knots, may be a puff at the beginning. The friend who took the video indicated that, but I don't think is accurate.
  8. Varan, right on! Yes, we actually have a plan to start migrating VX Evos to the West before September. There are few VX Ones in the West coast...however there are so many great venues so far apart that they are scattered, but we are working on our conquest of the West. The Viper is a great boat and I think you will really appreciate the what the VX One and VX Evo have to offer. Note: the VX Evo is probable the best monohull I have sailed that is in fact very enjoyable in light air, so the fun factor starts very early on. Once the wind picks up is completely another level.
  9. Got your point. Completely understand it. There must be around 34 hulls in the US. I don't have the exact number as some boats were sold before we took over distribution. The others ones are in Europe.
  10. The Finn is a much more expensive boat. Comparing apples to apples, the Finn starts at $17,500 for a Devotti in the US, then the adds on that we know we need. The VX Evo, while not Olympic, is all up around $17,500, so there is a gap of about $7,000 probably depending on the options. The Fleet is slowly growing, the COVID situation has delayed a couple of sales, but we are moving and having great fun , specially here in Texas. Next on the agenda is finalize the class rules and publish them. Curiously enough, we have sold a similar % of VX Evos to recreational sailors that have a
  11. Definitively a Dinghy under the OD configuration - Non ballasted. The keel will be a recreational option , which, as anything else takes off and becomes popular, may end up racing in it's own division. The VX Evo is a perfect option for a simple one-man sportboat dinghy, anybody 170 lbs to 240 lbs will simply love it. Rod
  12. Have you considered the VX Evo? it checks all the boxes:
  13. Shoot....my own typo : rod@velasailingsupply.com . thanks guys!
  14. Dacapo, Feel free to shoot me an email. We can help: rod@velasailingsuppyl.com
  15. Ropeye is distributed by Harken, not owned.
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