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  1. Hard to imagine this project going anywhere. Don't think there are many single handed sailors out there willing to fork out over a half a million bucks for a 21 footer, even if it does haul ass. And just imagine the cartwheel potential in this thing when falling off your foils at 25 kts. I've seen some hard-sells, but this project takes the cake.
  2. Cool looking boat, but isn't 2,500 kg pretty heavy for a pure race boat built in 2021? Compare that to 2,069 kg for the classic Farr 30 designed over 25 years ago. The X2's displacement even sits north of a J88's. Specs indicate the new ride will carry significantly more sail area and water ballast. But still...
  3. How about a Capri 25? Good light wind/flat water speed, with a small cabin and porta potty. Nice looking boat as well. Easy to sail single handed. Not sure about ramp launching. I think they are relatively abundant in upper mid west lakes.
  4. Story made it to CNN with some good additional footage of the sailboat. Can someone ID the speedy looking racer/cruiser? https://edition.cnn.com/videos/world/2021/04/07/dutch-cargo-ship-rescue-ctw-intl-ldn-vpx.cnn
  5. No, not an opium pipe. Took this photo of an old man watching a card game in a remote village in central China. Pretty sure he was smoking tobacco. So you guys don't think that "Prouda Boy" is a good mash up of Prada and Proud Boy? Guess I watch too much political news.
  6. Sorry, not following ya, Sail. Legalized what?
  7. Not a boat. But a great idea for a meme... Imagine, a photo of Spithill decked out in a bullet-proof vest, MAGA cap, and rocking the proud boys colors (black and yellow). Caption: Prouda Boy. A little Google Image search, some basic Photoshop, and BAM! You just created the most view sailing meme of the year.
  8. Headline from the Front Page: "Be Like Alex" Hmm... Not sure that being the 'unluckiest pro sailor in the world'* is who a lot of sail-groms aspire to be. On the other hand, he does have a pretty fun job... Until it isn't. * Think that quote also came from the front page.
  9. The Morris 29 is a pretty boat. No doubt. But slapping a carbon stick and rudder on a 29-foot boat that gives away a quarter(+) of its waterline to overhangs seems silly; especially when the boat rates closer to a C30 than a J29.
  10. DEF is a small part of the urea market. Ag is the big daddy. And truthfully, the sinking of this ship has nothing to do with price swings. My small company sells ten times this vessel's tonnage per year, and we're just minnows in the nitrogen market. Still, it's something to talk about when customers complain about the price bumps.
  11. Interestingly, my brother and I were speculating this morning, on why the price of urea has skyrocketed over the past month. Up about $150 per ton since January 1.
  12. On the final mark rounding, while leading the race by an almost insurmountable lead.
  13. And how many members of an AC75 sailing team will be able to get work as pro sailors after the AC? Last week's debacle was the first ever sailboat race for several guys on at least one of the water bugs, according to the on-air commentators. That's just wrong.
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