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  1. Related question regarding soft shackles on a jib sheet... Where the sail's not up, do the soft shackles stay with the sheet, the sail, or in your pocket?
  2. I'm reworking my mainsheet system and surfed over to Harken.com to check out the blocks. They're offering a 3" Fiddle Blocks with Cam Cleat for only $84, that's less than half price for a piece used on a lot of older 25-35 footers. Apparently this block (and maybe the whole Small Boat line?) is scheduled to be discontinued, perhaps to be replaced by the carbo version. Great deal if you need it.
  3. The boat isn't the problem. It's the lack of sailing in a well-produced ad that bugs me. Although I don't get the little notch for containing the tiller extension. Or why they would highlight it in the video.
  4. Just what I was looking for. Thanks Bob.
  5. Related question... But on the Spinlock EA tiller extensions (NON Diablo). How do you guys keep the extension parallel to the tiller when not in use. Seems like I remember a long ago broken off clip on top of the tiller. Or maybe loops of Velcro glued to the tiller and extension that sorta hold the extension in place when when not in use. Better ideas?
  6. Thanks for the input guys. Google doesn't show any of the Solcor in the States. But they got it in spades in NZ. Cordall's 'where to buy' page shows a dealer in pretty much every sheep pasture on both islands. Ordered the black surgical tubing from Amazon. Small buy-in and it will get here tomorrow. I'll report back on it's suitability. We used the surgical tubing with great success for sling spears as a kid: tubing, a broom stick, and spear tip (trident for frogs; single point for fish). Can't believe Moms let us get away with making such a dangerous weapon. But that was back in the
  7. I seem to remember a UV-resistant bungee-like material that isn't woven, more like surgical tubing? Anyone know what it's called or have a source? Or what bungee/shock cord do you recommend?
  8. Thanks for the input guys. Looks like Triton2 displays are economical and the simplest solution. Just seems like a lot of wasted real estate (number size vs. unit dimension). Those Garmin GNX 120 displays look sweet, but add $200+ per and some complexity. Probably overkill. I've never heard of the Nasa Instruments Yacht Repeters. They appear inexpensive and a possible solution. Anyone have experience with them? I'm just looking to display BS, TWS, TWD, HDG.
  9. The 30-footer I just acquired has Zeus Touch 8 and Triton2 displays on the aft cabin bulkhead. I'm new to the wide world of B&G. What single-number displays, similar to a 20/20 are suitable for mast mounting and compatible with existing system?
  10. Thanks for the leads guys. I put in calls to a couple guys and am awaiting call-backs. But the big development is that my wife seems open to the idea of a sprayed-on jell coat deck job in a yard. So, that opens up some options. My first thought was Dencho/Diversified Composites. Dennis has done good work for me in the past, but as Dencho. Google isn't giving me a working # for Diversified. Anyone have the the new number? Anyone else in the area that can be recommended to spray gel coat? Thanks,
  11. The original (1990) non-skid is pretty weak and the PO's attempt at Kiwi-Grip didn't quite work out. Unfortunately I can't afford a full yard gel coat spray job. Looking for an experienced painter that can do a quality job in the slip. Any recommendations? Note: Not so much looking for opinions as to the best paint type or technique, but for a person/company that can do the job. Thanks,
  12. Need to order a handheld VHF today? Want to spend $200 or less. Any favorites? Any problems with the SH HX890NB?
  13. Is there anything that Vectran does better than spectra? Or to put it in a less confrontation way, in what application is Vectran preferred? Or is it just a matter of cost?
  14. Boat sold for $202! So, the boat is 42 years old and built to a 1932 design. So What? They haul ass, have a pretty active class, and look fun to sail. Someone got a great deal.
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