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  1. @gui I do longboard round the buoys racing with the dinghies and of course a bit blasting about when time/wind permit. The foils seem to be the next big thing for sure. When the hype dies down and used gear starts showing up at reasonable prices, I may give it a go.
  2. @Will Clark's last two lines speak to the essential question: What give's you the greatest enjoyment, the most value? Is it competitive racing in an large established fleet. Or is it an outsider boat that delights by virtue of her dynamics? Over the course of this summer I have taken a renewed pleasure in my board-sailing. Both racing and blasting about. Obviously racing ,is not going to turn a boat you generally dislike into one you enjoy.
  3. Had not seen this. I'm guessing this is an evolution Matt Schweitzer's "Original Windsurfer" revival? But the whole Idea of one sail for racing is problematic to me because it ends up being not entirely, but at least somewhat, about weight. Kona One attempts to address that problem with weight/sail classes. Still, interesting to see this - thanks.
  4. The 70s even. Yeah - same situation. But just a very few of us on longboards, plus the KONA One (aka: the last best hope) I don't see the WS racing fleet holding on much longer.
  5. I think it is in as much is it is what I like to do on sailboard. We race a with the dinghies weekly.
  6. My Dad makes the same point - race what people race at your club. Seems as though all roads lead to Laser. Another interesting thought struck me a few weeks ago: Maybe this solo thing is misguided. I started looking at what OD keelboats were being raced at my club and thought about forming a 'syndicate' with some of my WS fleet-mates. Some already have keelboats for cruising, but I proposed that three or four of us come together and purchase one of the cheaper locally raced OD boats expressly for the purpose of racing it. There was some initial interest, but it kind of waned. I'm back now to
  7. I have a soft offer of a ride in on a cat, early fall - so that should enlightening.
  8. I had been looking at that, too. Simple and quick to rig are additional criteria that occurred to me - so that may narrow it down some. As I think about this more, a complex boat that takes more than 15 minutes to rig just doesn't make sense for me right now. Maybe one day, but not now.
  9. Oh. Pretty. Is that Raceboard Class? (he said fully capable though he was of googling it for himself)
  10. That sounds perfect. If you think of it post back with your impressions.
  11. That's great - I used to live an hour from there. Where did you find it? Thanks for the offer - I do occasionally pass thorugh. From where will you launch?
  12. Thanks for the great ideas - much to think on. Keelboats: Man is that buyers market up here - "take my 70s era Tanzer 22, please." Especially in the fall. Too much bother for me at this time. (non-sailing wife, non-sailing kids, non-sailing house) Besides I get my fix helping friends with theirs - I come away smiling to myself, thinking "I can just walk away." Used cats seem like good value if sound. Weta is cool too. Will check out N4.5 and IC. Laser guy Emilio: Point made - well done. This has actually lead to another criterion. Mast stepped and hand-launched by one. Tha
  13. I suppose it is a relative term, but in my own context, a person who can justify spending high four figures on a leisure item is 'rich'. I must confess though that I posed the question in part to sanity-check my initial thought which was: single-handed catamaran. Not sure how it would go over at the club - not sure I care at this point.
  14. Thanks - I know enough to know that some of the is out of my league, but the Waszps are interesting and there is in opportunity to rent them for a regatta thing in September in Toronto. Def thinking about that.
  15. Ah the Laser, of course and by default. And Bruce just having passed on a couple weeks ago. Imagine a club with a fleet of Lasers one could rent. Nope - gotta buy in. There are about 34 of them there by my count half of them racing on a good night. Speed is what's lacking for me - not sure I saw one break 9.5 in Enoshima the other day, and in what was to my eye some decent wind. But thank you; have been giving it consideration all the same.
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