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  1. The North American Class Association (Facebook Page : FFI-NA), is trying to locate where these great keelboats have gone. We have located 13 boats spread between British Columbia (6), Oregon (2), California (4), Maine (1). There's apparently a small fleet of FF's at a resort in Sorrento, Maine. if anyone has any leads, we'd greatly appreciate hearing from you. Please either post here, or pm me. Thanks. Wun.
  2. There were 73 Flying Fifteens from around the world on the start line at the 2019 Worlds in Ireland. Still going strong and Ovington make a very nice carbon FF. None of the pics above showed singled handed sailing, but I've attached some to this post that are. They can be comfortably single handed up to 15 knots TWS upwind. After that, more effort needed. Using the double pole, self launching system with a chute launching tube like a 5o5 makes hoisting, gybing and dousing simple single handed. If you're a regular single hander in heavier breezes, then get a single reef put in the main at
  3. There are 10 known FF's between San Diego and British Columbia. Here's mine fully restored 2017/2018 from the keel to masthead. The class association for Canada is on Facebook at FFI-CAN As I'm the only one active in Vancouver, I race PHRF at 214 (which includes a credit for the Torqeedo Ultralite 403 outboard required for PHRF.). We do ok in a mixed fleet between the FF's 20ft LOA and 30ft LOA cruiser racers on races around the cans, and some "distance " races up to 16 or 20 miles . It's a load fun particularly when the breeze is on. We got an ORC International measurement cert just to s
  4. Aaah, finally going with plan A, an asymm furler. I think you will have fun with this !!
  5. A number of years ago, I opened a 1953 Corton and had to run it through a coffee filter to get rid of the sediment !!
  6. As befitting the unpretentious designers, we had some italian, no-nonsense, reliably good reds, and a bottle that Kim brought. It disappeared too fast to get a picture of the label !! Ron brought a Rioja and a white, as he put it, token Kiwi wine "to show te flag"
  7. One of the more important cultural exchanges was the Marmite versus Vegemite discussion !! Oh, and Ron played his brushes and drum sticks. We have a drummer for future gigs
  8. I will just wear my chauffeur's uniform
  9. Not denying the usefulness of cleats, it looks like I will be the sole defender of the rail !! Having sailed in this region for 25+ yrs, and sailed around Vancouver Island five times, I think I have docked at most popular docks, and quite a few remote ones. I have been lucky I suppose, to have never been splinter bitten by the wooden rails, and like the round metal rails seen at many commercial docks, gas docks, and government docks. In docking, I can't recall wishing there was a cleat to lassoo because I came in fast enough that I needed to use it to brake. Assuming that most people app
  10. what are you getting? is it an ORR rating? the US ORR rating doesn't come with targets or polars - although you can buy them as part of the US Sailing Performance Package. the European ORCi international rating comes with targets but not polars.., but again, they sell a performance package with polars you are racing in the usa, right - so i assume you are getting an ORR rating, not an ORC rating... anyway, i recommend getting the performance package. the polars for your boat will be reasonably good out of the box, and will make a good starting place if you want to refin
  11. This thread is really about Catari, but since FL is in the frame, FL was designed as a "gentleman's daysailer" and consequently is not equipped to meet the safety requirements for Swiftsure. In particular, it has no lifelines or pulpits. It can be rigged with jacklines but the race requirements ignore their functionality, except they are required once you have lifelines !!! Go figure !! We could have more classic boats in this event if the priority were given to jacklines as mandatory, and lifelines as optional !! Given the size of the boat, its stiffness, the way it's rigged, the handholds, p
  12. A quick update: custom aluminum shims have been made and anodized for various clutches and turning blocks, after laying out all lines on deck to ensure fair leads. Some of the deck hardware was relocated following that exercise, and as a result, some small areas have been recored to support the loads of the hardware.. By the end of Jan, all deck hardware will be installed. Electronics and electrical systems are also being installed.
  13. Does this qualify? Small bulwark, toe high, a bit higher at the bow. http://i1196.photobucket.com/albums/aa404/cwz1/boat%20stuff/bulwark1.jpg I can't believe someone designed that lead. look at the wear in the coming. I suspect it's supposed to go through a foot block first. Equally likely is that the genoa was originally designed to be sheeted from the toe rail. Catalina did that on the 30's.... and the first thing racers do is add a new inboard track. The combing isn't as high though so they don't have the problem the boat in the picture does. Beats me how that sailor could be
  14. Speaking of vangs, attachments, and carbon, this is a work of art TP 52 boom
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