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  1. Well its back - new price, new pics yikes
  2. Local artist Heather Boyle (not me) http://heatherboyle.ca/collections/102981
  3. must be Poland - the snow on the dogs back - also the bottle hasnt be touched!?
  4. Thanks. Up until recently, my partner was a stretch therapist. Your injury sounds like events I had. This is what I think helped me most to get back into kiting/running/sailing https://stretchtherapy.net/
  5. Rest pose: flat on your back with knees raised and calves resting on a chair (or similar). Probably phsoas spasm. then start stretching once spasm subsided. Stretch quads, hip extensors, rotaton in particular.
  6. and you even got that wrong...
  7. But interestingly too - looks like the green channel marker has wifi.
  8. Heck man - there are no f! rules here - this is anar f! chy! You dont need to apologize for anything.
  9. Welcome back Hobot. I understand there is an impact on one's memory but top of page typically goes something like this...
  10. Well clearly it's laden. Perhaps if they tried gripping it by its husk under their dorsal guiding feathers
  11. Says its still there - perhaps just not moving...
  12. My best wishes for a full and speedy recovery Hobot
  13. plus the penalty is that they have to fall X meters behind LR. If LR is going nowhere, they'd have to tread water till LR got going again. or go backwards... silly idea
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