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  1. rode one of those from St Petersburg to Davidoff in 2000 Went past the naval dock/scrap yards and saw some weird stuff... imagine 4 jet engines on the back of a scaled up everglades airboat.
  2. not to split hairs but, I'd have thought The Chief is smaller that several in Yosemite. (I've climbed Angel's Crest and the Grand Wall but only smaller routes in Yosemite)
  3. That's kind of interesting. 208 boats sold in June. Must just be through that agency? Still - you can expect to wait 1-2 years to sell at 10% discount off list.
  4. I'm skeptical of the used boat market. Most of the time, I hear stories of great boats being given away. I only rarely hear of boats being sold for asking and asking near what they cost. I don't mind the idea of buying a boat. I just want to be able to move on when the time comes. A boat wont let you do that. I'm leaning towards a participation involvement at the moment.
  5. you'd have to factor in the risk of gybing around a corner only to find low slung overhead wires without sea-room to come about, hove-to and lower the rig.
  6. Isn't that how its supposed to go with used boats?
  7. I used to take the kids down to the boat launch nearby just to watch the comedy.
  8. For kiting, La Ventana or Los Barilles.
  9. I have to admire the oversized umbrella frame that appears to be being deployed as an anchor - or is it an oversized harpoon, bound with twine to help keep it all together. Admirable.
  10. Blood is only required to validate racing.
  11. I have to admire that it has two booms, so it can sail in either direction </purple>
  12. I'd suspect that over time, water, warping and rot make the initial effort appear alot less perfect than perhaps it was when built too.
  13. Seems to me it rather depends on who is wearing the wet shirt. I can imagine a wet shirt not cooling me off at all
  14. Farr 38, late 80s, flat run in 35+, trimming the #1 heavy kite in a puff - whole crew is silent waiting for the bang and hanging on to something, skipper and I are whispering corrections to each other. I remember staring at the tapes, expecting the kite to disappear at any moment, loading up into the back of the next wave, tops being blown off the waves, turning mark coming up off Rangitoto. Racing the Javelin off Torbay watching a front coming across the water as we reached onto the wing mark, every boat ahead capsizing - then bearing off as it hit, but not fast enough -splat! Same seri
  15. Ergo : sailors are all crooks! Ergo: Looks like I should visit Perth Ergo: NSW looks kinda shitty Ergo: dont buy a diesel from some guy in South Australia
  16. Easy mistake to make, but those are scuppers. Normally the scupper : topside ratio isnt as extreme, but this is clearly a performance vessel and the designer wanted to allow the water to exit the deck with minimum interference. Obviously.
  17. That looks like the hull that was sitting outside the small boat shop on Granville Island for years. More effort spent keeping the moss off than outfitting it.
  18. Really. dicers and solar ovens... All thats really required
  19. Looks a lot like the Cape Dory 28
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