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  1. The Arctic is already afloat. If it melts, no change in sea level. Its Greenland and Antarctica melts that will raise the sea level.
  2. those remind me of the Stewart 34 - which were/are also a very competitive yacht. Not quite the same overhangs but a fast and comfortable cruiser too. Stewart 34
  3. Ah right. I guess FLW links are slipping. Google's algorithms are ranking fishing competitions over architecture, and as I saw no reference to FLW in the first page of results, I stopped looking. Whats wrong with that picture? sigh. I've never been in a FLW building. I've seen plenty of pics though. Talihasen was on the wall in fathers studio. Only Erricson building I've been in is the Anthropology Museum at UBC. Liked it. Didnt have a kitchen though.
  4. That was the result of a manufacturing flaw, not a design issue.
  5. Wow! is that a bulb on the larboard (advanced) or did he just steal a leg off a big Johnny Walker cutout?
  6. And particularly around marks - like pinching for a mark in a boat, you forgo drive, relying on momentum to pop you around the mark. On a board, that can be extreme, with the kite falling dead down wind before ripping you either into the air or downwind. Having said that, I did watch that video and was impressed how steady the board/rider-kite relationship was upwind and down. So much so that some of the passes were achieved on the same tack with 50% overlap in the kite lines. From a rules perspective, given you can have different line lengths, kite sizes, i'd tend to use the board a
  7. not sure what you are asking...force balance discussion, or rules question. From a force balance perspective, there will always need to be a component of force from the kite in the direction of travel otherwise the board will slow down until it reappears. In steady state, that will match the drag on the system. As the kite always moves around relative to the board/rider (advances in gusts, retards in lulls) you cant really deduce exact rider/board position from where the kite is. Not sure I'm helping. Do you ride?
  8. I like that method too. I have two piles though. Little things and big things. Makes it easier to find the little things.
  9. That Seriously? When? On the inland side or the water side? That'll be the north side of Lion Rock. Big day. Thought it looked familiar, but was expecting some location in USA...
  10. I'll jump in an suggest that SloopJB is tipping his hat to you, not criticizing. It's a big job, and only someone with your time and energy can take it on. We all have our limits. I'm building a boat. Not the scale of your project but its good to know ones limits. I think we all wish you the best
  11. seeing his name boats are getting attention https://www.boatinternational.com/luxury-yacht-events/design-and-innovation-awards/bda-thanks/boat-international-design-innovation-awards-2019-winners-announced--39443/frame-21
  12. That bow knuckle clearly indicates a savvy ratings tweak. Worthy.
  13. humm. Im no boat builder but I have worked with redwood in the past and remember it for the way you could split it perfectly and easily. I hope you'll add some transverse strength
  14. One must really admire the brake lights there. Truely thinking about safety and respect for others on the road
  15. I'd have said 'that boat has scuppers' rather than 'that boat has a bull rail' Pleasant lines though
  16. He must have ventured outside the environment
  17. One has to admire that it floats, that is seems close to its lines as well, and the fact that it has sailed so far from shore.
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