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  1. nice, someone who knows how to make friends! welcome aboard
  2. Mackeitte redd an Ime theire...... I'm just quoting this so I get to see her again
  3. Ahh! my first car. Peugeot 403. Gas cap was under the tail light. Loved that car. Column shift. I could change without the clutch. thx for a great thread Hobot.
  4. lapse in protocol - dont be wiping your nose on that ffs. else they are just off to clean out a wasp nest
  5. Maybe Brad might be wondering more about who his Dad really is. I'm sure he reads here. l
  6. Is that Major Rob Ford getting a left in?
  7. whats the deal with the stern on this one? Is that a notch for another ship to snuggle into and rumba through the ice?
  8. BE CAREFUL... I almost turned a laser into a beachball by pressurizing it using a vacuum cleaner. I was totally unprepared for how destructive that little test was. l I hope to make it, but it won't be easy. Some parts have to be finished before I hit the road - like the roof rack, rudder cassette and tiller extension. Meanwhile, another batch of questions: 1. If anyone with a stock Kinder jib could measure the batten lengths, that would be really helpful. Somehow I have misplaced my jib battens, but not my main battens. 2. I have not one, but two, 1/4" drai
  9. Out to dinner at a haute cuisine french restaurant. First time there. Wife had bacon wrapped venison. Bacon was 'de-smoked' so as not to over power the venison. Subtle, yummy.
  10. 43 pages dedicated to wonderful asymmetry. and i thought it was symmetry that we were supposed to be attracted to. fools.
  11. what else makes women throw up and need medical attention?? (apart from the sight of some of you folks) This is your mid term exam now everyone.
  12. as it happens, I have just finished reading a very well written and entertaining book (Terra Incognita, Sara Wheeler) about her experience as the first (sanctioned?) artist to visit Antarctica (I think that prior to this any artist was a scientist first, artist second, free-loading hippies dont count) I'd recommend this book for any of you who fancy some writing that is several cuts above what you are reading here - and no less entertaining.
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