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  1. 25 minutes ago, Diarmuid said:

    Should use greenboard on a sailboat. Fucking amateurs. 

    Also you need to tape or batten that seam to meet fire code.


    38 minutes ago, chester said:

    is that dry wall?


    Clarification required - are those coat hooks, electrical insulators or bulbless lighting fixtures?

  2. 2 hours ago, JALhazmat said:

    tendency to bring the old foil half way out to aid lift and stability as they settle to the new tack.

    seems to limit/ remove the front to back rocking and bow/stern touch, most teams are doing this now rather than the immediate arm lift especially in the lighter air


    also no crew moved in that sequence..

    isnt there something in the regs that says that the windward foil has to be out before ??? time or distance after a maneuver?

  3. Why are ETNZ waiting so long to launch B2?

    1. so competitors dont have time to copy innovations revealed
    2. they are so confident that they dont need to practice
    3. something has gone wrong and they are busy fixing it
    4. building dramatic suspense
    5. waiting for the weather to warm up
    6. modding B2 based on what they have seen from the competitors boats
  4. 29 minutes ago, LionessRacing said:

    Wine cellar has progressed through the loading of 50 cases of wine, and time to put a door on it. 

    I'm using "1x2" select" S4S stock as I don't have a joiner or planer to cut down from as sawn. 

    Door is about 34" wide, and 40" tall:


    50 cases and a 3 foot door. I'd be nervous about having to crawl in to get the last out.

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  5. On 10/21/2020 at 3:56 PM, Fah Kiew Tu said:

    I'm still willing to kick in a few bucks to whoever manages to get a decent vid of the launch and either salvage recovery or 'sea trial' whichever comes first.

    Or of course the 'sea trial' followed by the rescue of the builder and sinking of the derelict.


    And that, is the end of that. Too bad, would have been interesting to see to conclusion. But I think he has come to the inevitable conclusion that SV Rusty Junk is a was a curious project, but that German Engineering is way more liable to lead to a long and happy life.

    Too bad. The (video of the) train wreck is avoided due to lack of stick-to-it-ness. 85% complete. It'll be a bargain for someone.

  6. 17 minutes ago, MaxHugen said:

    How is the MWP actually defined?  All I found was:

    3.1The Measurement Waterline Plane,MWPis defined as the horizontal reference plane of the yacht.

    What defines where this plane is?

    And what is "m4"... fourth power???

    Math/Engineering thing. Thinking about it - it is a measure of the stability, so by saying 'at least 20' means that the boat needs to have at least a minimum righting moment.

    MWP is the design waterline (in profile) at rest.

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  7. who's been tested?

    I am enjoying the assumption that I have not gotten the virus and so my regime must be effective against it. That said, I think a large number of the population, possibly myself included, could be carrying it, and unaware. I havent been tested, no symptoms.

    So to answer the question, i recommend a dry red, particularly nuanced with the smokey environs, followed by a finger or two of scotch (to your palate), occasionally preceded with a punchy gin drink - may i suggest a Negroni. Food optional.

  8. 14 hours ago, Grande Mastere Dreade said:

    well that sucks balls...  i dropped netflix as there wasn't anything worth watching and the movie selection was worse everyday..   so i just picked up the disney+/hulu/espn+ bundle to replace it..    so it seems espn+ will limit you on the live content , thus no  college football / nfl live stream..   if i want live stream I have to sign up for hulu live at $65 a month  because i don't pay for cable..     greedy bastards... guess i'm going to have to put my pirate hat on..

    get a VPN

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