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  1. How about doing something with this... https://vancouver.craigslist.org/van/bod/d/parksville-vehicle-passenger-ferry-for/7148347305.html
  2. I've heard... that this method only became fashionable once the gas companies shifted from coal gas to (whatever it is now) and the mortality of sticking your head in the oven dropped. then they made the car exhaust less toxic, so I guess now its drugs and guns or Covid parties
  3. a wine is enhanced by the glass it is served in, where it it served, and the company that shares it. That is never more evident that enjoying a cheap chianti in a polo cup whilst in the presence of a beautiful, available, semi-clad twenty something who's making kissy faces at you. You'll remember that wine forever
  4. no more just skidding down on one's arse?
  5. I recall that Ponsonby has about 4 inches of soil over clay. I could feel the neighbours walking down the hall two houses over. The clay is like a trampoline, and those old homes are paper thin.(though there has to be a bunch of concrete and steel in Glen's to be able to open those doors more than once.
  6. i thought TOR obfuscated the endpoints and encrypted the content. is that not right?
  7. gives it that nice syncopated rhythm
  8. Art on boats (if its a Picasso) also runs into challenges of importing (or exporting/stealing) national treasures. Customs, duties, police, impounding ... Not my kind of problem, but so I've heard...
  9. really, workbench for the man cave and no one has cited this slipping
  10. I happened to be in Milan years ago leading up to the Italian Grand Prix. I got on the train, got off at Imola and walked into a strangely vacant track. Turns out i chose the wrong weekend. So instead, I sat in the stands and watched Senna and Mansell rip around the track. In the glooming of the evening, I remember the glow from the discs popping as they braked for the hairpin. Memorable day.
  11. It's kinda like the three breasted woman - a little confusing to look at but you cant help thinking about how much fun it would be to ride it
  12. maybe its a sign of the times and they have merged and jumped the species barrier
  13. are those big cleats or baby bull rails?
  14. "Found it in the forest" - is that synonymous to "fell off the back of a truck"? It is nonetheless a veritable cornucopia of bits and bolts and solar panels... What kind of forest encourages that kind of wanton littering?
  15. to me it looks like the 'sleeve' is decorative rather than structural. I'm guessing that there is a boltrope/track involved and there is a flap wrapping the mast and velcro-ed down the length. Why though? Parts of the luff look really squishy
  16. Any guesses how the sail is attached to the mast? I am assuming that the masts are fixed in place and each sail hoisted on a halyard - what means is used to accomplish the 'wrap' around the mast? I am facing a similar problem
  17. I remember being interested in that beast back when there were florins... cant believe its still around!
  18. Cold tar - It's probably going to be more able to damp the inevitable movement thats going to occur between the keel and the hull too - make for a smoother ride. "I wont know the results of this experiment for a month though..." Yup.
  19. Corb Lund - Horse Soldier, horse soldier
  20. Corb Lund - Bible on the Dash
  21. I guess if you visualize 1 cubic meter (=1000 liters) its not that big. So 1.5 m^3 seems doable split fore and aft...
  22. if you want all of it above the water. Sounds like too much. Clearly, I'm no designer.
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